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A Message from Dr. Ben Corpus, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear Students:

The recent tragic events at Rutgers University and my own concern for your safety and the integrity of our community have prompted me to write to you today.

We live in a time in our society that is unprecedented. Technology has changed the way that we live and communicate each day, making our access to information faster and more powerful. This incredible ability to be connected is joined by the growing differences among us. Baruch is a proud community of students from more than 180 countries who speak over 100 languages. Additionally, our diversity is enriched by students from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, students who are differently abled, and those whose gender, sexual orientation, race, class, and other characteristics create the potential for richer classroom learning and stronger co-curricular connections because of the unending number of perspectives that widen each of us, intellectually and socially, as we interact with one another.

While these two facts contribute meaningfully to learning and growth, they both can also be fertile ground for misunderstanding, intolerance and incivility. I write to urge you to value and respect the community of which you are a part and to understand that in this community, one that is nationally known for its diversity, our strength lies in the differences between us. The standards that we uphold as a Baruch College community do not support acts of harassment, discrimination and cruelty. Additionally, while we value the connectedness that technology now affords us, it is important to recognize that not every action or comment belongs in the public domain and that privacy is a right that should be respected.

These are not easy matters to decipher, but still important ones to address. In the coming weeks and months, the College will hold various programs to allow us as a community to understand and discuss these issues.

The relationships that we build with one another and the respect that we have for each person’s individuality and dignity are two things that make us Baruch College. I look forward to your participation as we come together to ensure that our community is one in which all members are safe, welcome and respected.

Dr. Ben Corpus
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students