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A Message from Dr. Ben Corpus, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dear Students:

I wrote to you recently regarding the horrible tragedy that resulted in the loss of a life at Rutgers University and the need for respect, for diversity and the right of privacy in our college community.  Specifically however, we have a responsibility to reflect upon our conversations, our culture and our commitment to each other, with particular emphasis on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities not just at Baruch, but in society at large.

The following events have been planned to bring the Baruch College community together in solidarity for Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers Freshman whose privacy was abused, and countless other LGBT people who have experienced bullying and intolerance:

*      Thursday, October 14th, LGBT Tolerance Day at Baruch.  Straight and LGBT people will wear something purple on this day to support LGBT individuals and take a stand against anti-LGBT bullying.
*      Wednesday, October 20th, Spirit Day on Facebook. Join over 10,000 others worldwide and wear something purple again to honor Tyler Clementi and commit to an LGBT-friendly New York.
*      Thursday, October 21st, 12:30 – 2:15 pm, 25th St. Candlelight Vigil.  GLASS sponsors a vigil and moment of silence during club hours between the Vertical Campus and the Library Building. Glow sticks will be provided.

Additionally, I have included a list of resources below that provide support for LGBT students.

The Counseling Center offers individual counseling and an ongoing Support Group providing a confidential space for LGBT students to share their feelings, concerns and achievements.

GLASS, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Society, brings together undergraduate LGBT students and their straight allies for social events and LGBT advocacy. It sponsors campus events during LGBT History Month and the rest of the academic year.

Zicklin OUTSource, a graduate student organization, discusses LGBT workplace issues and provides professional development, social events and connections to LGBT communities in New York City and around the world.

Baruch's Public Safety staff is ready to assist if you are threatened.

Baruch's Ombuds Office can mediate.

Baruch's Sexual Harassment Policy
or Student Complaint Policy may apply.

Safe Zone@ Baruch. The Safe Zone program visibly marks people and places that are safe (open, supportive) for LGBT students. Baruch Safe Zones display a small poster featuring the Baruch Bearcat Paw with rainbow coloring and a short paragraph defining what a Safe Zone means. When students and staff affix these signs to office doors and spaces, it signifies an affirmation of LGBT people and for Safe Zone community members. The symbol serves to let all know they are a safe person to approach for support or guidance. For more information or to register your office or area as a Safe Zone, contact: Dr. Ryan J. Androsiglio, Baruch College Counseling Center,, 646.312.2162.

The Baruch College community unequivocally opposes intolerance. How we grow depends on how we communicate; and the more we communicate, the more we grow.  Please join us as we build a dialogue that moves our community to a safe, welcome and respected environment.


Dr. Ben Corpus
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students