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Verifying New York State Residency

Please fill out all forms listed below and submit them to the Undergraduate Admissions office. Be sure to read the requirements necessary to qualify for New York State residency. A student must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or in a non-immigrant status that qualifies for the resident rate. Please attach copies of your supporting documents. Originals will not be accepted. The “intent to remain a resident” portion of the form must be completed prior to a residency determination. Under no circumstances will this form be considered unless all applicable questions have been answered.

If you have questions regarding New York State Residency or the process feel free to contact us at

Residency Form (pdf)

1. Students Under The Age of 18

If the student has a legal guardian other than his/her parents, or his/her parents are separated or divorced, a copy of the legal guardianship papers or court order indicating legal custodianship must be submitted.

Students Under The Age of 24

A student claiming independence from his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) residing out-of-state must present evidence of both financial independence and a legal residence in this State in order to be designated a New York State resident for tuition purposes. Proof of financial independence must be documented. Factors taken into account in determining financial independence include, but are not limited to: whether the student is taken as a dependent on parents’ or guardians’ federal and state income tax returns; whether the student is employed and the amount the student earned relative to expenses; the extent of financial support received by the student from parents or guardians; and other sources of student income.

2. Intent To Continue Residing In The City, State And Country

Assessing one’s intent to permanently reside in New York is a difficult task. In each case, whether the student is an immigrant alien (with the exception of permanent resident or resident alien), non-immigrant alien or U.S citizen from out-of-state, the totality of circumstances will be reviewed. The college may view intent in terms of a student’s professed intention to permanently remain in New York, as well as his/her intention not to return to his/her prior domicile. It must be stressed that the burden of proof as to a change of domicile rests with the student asserting it. Where the evidence is equal on both sides of the issue, the determination of domicile should be made in favor of the formerly established domicile, in as much as there is a presumption that an established domicile continues.

3. Appeal Procedures

If you wish to appeal, you must notify the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in writing within ten days of being notified that you have been determined to be a non-resident. At that time you may submit a statement to Mr. Hugo Morales, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, indicating why you disagree with the decision. Mr. Morales will submit your appeal, the Residency Form, copies of all documentation, and his determination to the Senior Vice-Chancellor for Legal Affairs and General Counsel.

4. Deadline for Submitting Forms

All residency documentation must be submitted prior to the last day of the semester. No Residency form will be accepted after the end of the semester for which the student is applying for a determination.

* For more detailed information on City University of New York regulations regarding establishing New York State residency, please Download the City University of New York Tuition & Fee Manual.


Required Documentation Which Must Accompany the Residency Form

The student must submit copies of required forms of proof of residency (originals will not be accepted) from the items "a" through "q" indicated below.

You must submit one item from "a" through "d":

a. Lease, deed or rent registration form (used for rent stabilized apartments) signed by the landlord, which is either a public or private agency, and the student or parent of the student with the same surname (Dates must cover the year in question).

b. Copies of the most recent complete Federal (1040) or New York State (IT-201) tax returns with the preprinted address label and the corresponding W-2 form.

c. Budget/Benefit letter from New York City Public Assistance with the student’s New York address covering the 12-month period immediately preceding the first day of classes and including the student’s name.

d. Benefits letter from Social Security with the student’s New York address covering the 12-month period immediately preceding the first day of semester and including the student’s name (only for students receiving Social Security benefits).

Or two items from "e" through "q":

Note: All items must document proof of residency for the 12 month period immediately preceding the first day of classes. Documents covering the first and last months of the previous 12 month period are acceptable provided that they show the student living at the same address.

e. Copies of the most recent complete Federal (1040) or New York State (IT-201) tax returns without the preprinted address label and the corresponding W-2 form. Responses to Federal form 4506 and New York State form 4506 requesting Federal and State tax information is acceptable if the Federal and State governments acknowledge that the party in question has in fact filed a tax return form the address noted.

f. A valid New York State driver’s license showing the date of issuance prior to the first day of classes.

g. Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.

h. Automobile registration.

i. Automobile insurance certificate.

j. New York State “non license” which is issued to non-drivers (for identification purposes) by the Department of Motor Vehicles or other official City State or Federal agencies.

k. Voter registration certificate or card.

l. Telephone or utility bills or payments for services covering a period of up to 12 months showing the student’s address.

m. Monthly bank or credit card statements covering a period of 12 months showing the student’s address (dollar amounts may be blocked out).

n. Armed Forces identification card DD Form 2A (green).

o. Attendance as a juror in New York State.

p. Apartment lease signed by the landlord (who is an individual and is not a public or private agency) and the student. If the student’s name does not appear on the lease, the “Alternate Lease Statement” may be substituted. The Alternate Lease Statement must be completed and notarized by both the person whose name appears on the lease/contract and the student. The person whose name appears on the lease/contract must also submit proof (i.e., lease signed by the landlord and/or Deed) of residency at his/her current address for the previous 12 months.

q. Postmarked mail addressed to a student at a New York address more than twelve months immediately preceding the first day of classes (a P.O. Box is not acceptable).

In addition to the items indicated above, the college may, at its discretion, consider additional documentation from a student if it believes that an accurate residency determination may be rendered through the additional documentation.