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Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Field Description

The behavioral sciences of sociology and anthropology help students develop an appreciation and understanding of the myriad structures and processes that characterize life in social groups. While sociology tends to concentrate on complex modern societies, exploring societal change and institutions, anthropology tends to cover a wider span, focusing on both Western and non-Western societies. (Cultural anthropology is stressed at Baruch.) For sociology majors interested in social work, the department offers several courses that provide experiential as well as theoretical exposure to the field, including actual work experience in recognized social work agencies.

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The Major

Sociology majors must satisfy the requirements of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences as well as departmental requirements. In addition to completing the introductory courses, a total of 24 credits in the department is required. The sociology major has the following components: introductory courses, foundation courses (both required and recommended), and concentration courses.

A base introductory course, either Sociology 1005 or Anthropology 1001, is required by the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. Two other foundation courses are also required.

Sociology majors may choose to select a concentration. Concentrations are designed to guide students in the selection of courses relevant to future careers as well as to provide all students with a solid grounding in the fields of sociology and anthropology. The department offers courses in three concentrations. Wide ranges of courses allow for a broader understanding of the complexities of modern society. These courses help prepare students for active involvement in the efforts to resolve urban problems.

Introductory Course
SOC 1005 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
ANT 1001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 credits

Foundation Courses   (required)
SOC 4100 Sociological Theory    (ANT 4100) 3 credits

Any advanced anthropology course
3 credits
SOC 4110 Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology   (ANT 4110) 3 credits
SOC 4111 Social Statistics    (ANT 4111) 3 credits


Multiculturalism and Globalization
ANT 4020 Translating Between Worlds: Literature and Anthropology    (CMP 4020) 3 credits
SOC 3015 Cuban Culture and Society    (ANT 3015)    (LTS 3015) 3 credits
SOC 3110 Women, Culture, and Society    (ANT 3110) 3 credits
SOC 3111 Native Americans  (ANT 3111) 3 credits
SOC 3112 Peoples and Cultures of Mediterranean Europe   (ANT 3112) 3 credits
SOC 3113 Cultures and Peoples of India  (ANT 3113) 3 credits
SOC 3114 Cultures and Peoples of the South Pacific Islands    (ANT 3114) 3 credits
SOC 3115 People and Culture of Haiti   (ANT 3115) 3 credits
SOC 3125 Race and Ethnic Relations  (ANT 3125) 3 credits
SOC 3175 The Lives of Hinduism   (ANT 3175) 3 credits

Social Institutions
SOC 3131 Sociology of the Family   (ANT 3131) 3 credits
SOC 3136 Social Welfare Institutions 3 credits
SOC 3137 Sociology of Health and Illness 3 credits
SOC 3138 Sociology of Complex Organizations 3 credits
SOC 3141 Sociology of Religion 3 credits

Social Processes and Change
SOC 3062 Political Sociology   (POL 3062) 3 credits
SOC 3085 Selected Topics in Sociology and Anthropology   (ANT 3085) 3 credits
SOC 3120 Passing, Covering, and Social Stigma in Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality   (ANT 3120)   (BLS 3120)   (HSP 3120)  
SOC 3130H The City That Care Forgot: The Roots, Ruin, and Rebirth of New Orleans   (ANT 3130H)   (BLS 3130H)   (HSP 3130H)  
SOC 3151 Social Issues and Social Policy 3 credits
SOC 3152 Social Communication   (ANT 3152) 3 credits
SOC 3154 Crime and Justice in Sociological Perspective 3 credits
SOC 3155 Urban Sociology 3 credits
SOC 3156 Social Inequality 3 credits
SOC 3157 Civil Society and Community Organizations 3 credits
SOC 3158 Social Demography 3 credits
SOC 3159 Social Change in the Black Community 3 credits
SOC 3165 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion   (ANT 3165) 3 credits
SOC 3168 Social Change 3 credits
SOC 3170 Social Movements 3 credits
ANT 3020 Anthropology of Business 3 credits
ANT 3153 Urban Anthropology 3 credits
ANT 3161 Power and Conflict 3 credits

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The Minor

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers Tier III minors in both sociology and anthropology. These programs give students an in-depth understanding of key concepts of fields within sociology and anthropology. Students are required to take three courses in the department at the 3000 or 4000 level, including at least one at the 4000 level. Although the department recommends either ANT 4800 or SOC 4900, any 4000-level course offered by the department may serve as the capstone for either the sociology or the anthropology minor.

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