Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins

Religion and Culture Program

The Faculty

Program Coordinator:  Michael Plekon

    Program Faculty:
  • Carla Bellamy (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Thomas Desch-Obi (History)
  • Kenneth Guest (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Meir Lubetski (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
  • Michael Plekon (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Murray Rubinstein (History)
  • Tansen Sen (History)
  • Randolph Trumbach (History)

Religion and culture courses are taught by additional faculty from a number of disciplines and departments, including History, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology

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Field Description

Religion is one of the most powerful and complex forces in human history. To study the religions of man from the earliest times to the present and how they have shaped and been shaped by the forces of history (among them, nationalism, war, the challenge of secularism, and technology), Baruch's Religion and Culture Program presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of religious and cultural histories, doctrines, concepts, and practices.

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The Major

Arts And Sciences Ad Hoc Major In Religion And Culture

When a student's educational objectives cannot be fully attained solely by study within an existing department, program, or school, he or she is given the option of devising an ad hoc pattern of courses in an area of concentration of his or her own choosing. A student may embark upon an ad hoc major following preparation and acceptance of a proposal outlining the area of study, the desired outcomes, and the educational values of the program. The program must be approved by the Office of the Associate Dean,Weissman School of Arts and Sciences.

Students interested in including courses in religion and culture as part of an arts and sciences ad hoc major should contact Professor Michael Plekon, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, 646-312-4472; e-mail michael.plekon @baruch.cuny.edu.

The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences ad hoc major requires 30–33 credits.

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The Minor

To fulfill the College-wide requirement for the Tier III minor with a concentration in religion and culture, students are required to take two courses numbered 3000 and higher and REL 4900, the capstone course.

Required Course
REL 4900 Issues in Religion and Culture


Choose two courses from the following:
REL 3001 World Religious Traditions
REL 3002 The Traditions of Judaism
REL 3003 The Christian Tradition
REL 3085 Special Topics in Religion and Culture
REL 3094 Mysticism: A Comparative Approach
REL 3210 Medieval Jewish Thought
REL 3220 Modern Jewish Thought
REL 3310 Christian Thought
REL 3320 Contemporary Christianity
REL 3525 The Hebrew Bible
REL 3530 The Christian New Testament
REL 3531 Religion in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
REL 3540 The Tradition of Islam
REL 5000-5004 Tutorial or Advanced Independent Study in Religion and Culture
REL 3155 Philosophies from India  (AAS 3155)
REL 3165 Classical Buddhism  (AAS 3165), (HIS 3165)
REL 3175 The Lives of Hinduism   (AAS 3175), (ANT 3175), (SOC 3175)
REL 3821 South Asian Religion  (AAS 3821), (ANT 3821)
REL 4050 Religious Worlds of New York  (ANT 4050), (SOC 4050)
REL 3008 Religion and Politics in the United States   (HIS 3008), (POL 3008)
REL 3084 The Historical Search for the Prophet Mohammad   (HIS 3084)
REL 3100 Jesus—A Historical and Critical Approach  (HIS 3100)
REL 3815 History of African Religions  (HIS 3815)
REL 3820 History of Chinese Religion  (HIS 3820)
ART 3220 Islamic Art
HEB 3311 History (Ancient) of the Jewish People as Reflected in Literature
HEB 3312 History (Medieval/Modern) of the Jewish People as Reflected in Literature
HEB 4315 Biblical Prose
HEB 4316 Biblical Poetry
HEB 5301 Talmud I
HEB 5302 Talmud II
HEB 5320 Hebrew Philosophical Literature
HIS 3086 The Modern Middle East and North Africa
HIS 3380 Contemporary Islamic World
HIS 3560 History of the Jewish People in America
MSC 3023 Music and Religion
PHI 3130 Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages
PHI 3210 Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics
PSY 3057 Psychology of Religion
SOC 3141 Sociology of Religion
SOC 3113 Cultures and Peoples of India  (ANT 3113)
SOC 3165 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion  (ANT 3165)


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