Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Faculty

Program Coordinator:   Elena M.Martnez
    Committee Members:
  • Esther Allen (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
  • Carolle Charles (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Hector Cordero-Guzmn (Black and Hispanic Studies)
  • David Cruz de Jesús (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
  • Thomas J. Desch-Obi (History)
  • Lourdes Gil (joint appointment Black and Latino Studies and Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
  • Stephanie Golob (Political Science)
  • Ted Henken (joint appointment Sociology and Anthropology and Black and Latino Studies)
  • Elena M. Martnez (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
  • Mary McGlynn (English)
  • Eloise Quiones-Keber (Fine and Performing Arts)

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Field Description

More and more, every day, the world becomes a smaller place and the global economy becomes more of a reality. The Latin American and Caribbean studies minor prepares students for this reality and exposes them to cross-cultural and professional opportunities with courses that explore the historical, political, cultural, and socioeconomic conditions in this region. This minor is a perfect complement to majors in marketing management, economics, finance and investments, public affairs, Spanish, English, sociology, and political science.

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The Minor

Latin American and Caribbean studies students must take one required course, Latin America and the Caribbean: Cultures and Societies (LACS 4900), with the 6 remaining credits selected from the Departments of Black and Latino Studies, Communication Studies, English, Fine and Performing Arts, History, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology.

Required Course
LACS 4900 Latin America and the Caribbean I: Cultures and Societies from Pre-Hispanic times to the 19th Century 3 credits

Choose two of the following courses:
ANT 3115 People and Culture of Haiti   (BLS 3115),  (SOC 3115) 3 credits
ART 3040 Special Topics in Art* (History) 3 credits
ART 3252 Native Art of the Americas 3 credits
CMP 3160 Latin American Cinema    (FLM 3160) 3 credits
ENG 3032 Ethnic Literature* 3 credits
ENG 3950 Topics in Literature* 3 credits
HIS 3010 Central America: A Regional Study 3 credits
HIS 3020 Afro-Brazilian History   (LACS 3020) 3 credits
HIS 3063 History of the African Diaspora 3 credits
HIS 3070 History of Civilizations in Latin America 3 credits
HIS 3075 History of Carribbean Civilizations 3 credits
HIS 3860 Topics in History* 3 credits
LTS 3000 The Puerto Rican Child in His Urban Setting 3 credits
LTS 3003 Major Selected Problems of the Puerto Rican Community 3 credits
LTS 3004 Politics and Power in Puerto Rico 3 credits
LTS 3005 Economic History of Puerto Rico 3 credits
LTS 3006 Religions of the Caribbean 3 credits
LTS 3007 Puerto Rican Culture 3 credits
LTS 3008 Puerto Rican Heritage: 1898 to the Present 3 credits
LTS 3009 Dominican Heritage: From Pre-Columbian Times to Present 3 credits
LTS 3010 Central America: A Regional Study 3 credits
LTS 3011 The Contemporary Puerto Rican Family 3 credits
LTS 3012 Latinas: A Social and Cultural Survey 3 credits
LTS 3015 Cuban Culture and Society 3 credits
LTS 3044 Migration in the Americas 3 credits
LTS 3045 Changing Demographics of the City
3 credits
LTS 3125 Race and Ethnic Relations 3 credits
LTS 3058 Contemporary Latin American Fiction   (CMP 3058) 3 credits
LTS 4900 Seminar in Black & Latino Studies 3 credits
MSC 3031 Music of Latin America and the Caribbean 3 credits
POL 3104 The Politics of the Third World 3 credits
POL 3364 Latin American and Caribbean Political Systems 3 credits
SPA 4004 Seminar in Translation: Spanish-English 3 credits
SPA 4219 Nineteenth-Century Latin-American Literature Prior to Modernismo** 3 credits
SPA 4220 Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Latin-American Poetry** 3 credits
SPA 4221 Contemporary Latin-American Theatre** 3 credits
SPA 4222 Contemporary Latin-American Novel** 3 credits
SPA 4223 Modernismo in Latin America** 3 credits
SPA 4224 Contemporary Latin-American Short Story** 3 credits
SPA 4226 Afro-Caribbean Literature** 3 credits
SPA 4228 Twentieth-Century Womens Writing in Latin America** 3 credits
SPA 4271 Civilizations and Cultures of Latin America** 3 credits
SPA 4281 The Literature of Latin America I** 3 credits
SPA 4282 The Literature of Latin America II** 3 credits
SPA 4283 The City in Latin American Literature** 3 credits
SPA 4350 Contemporary Cuban Literature** 3 credits
SPA 4383 Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean I 3 credits
SPA 4384 Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean II 3 credits
SPA 4999 Special Studies in Spanish** 3 credits
THE 3043 Theatre of Color in the United States 3 credits
THE 4101-4110 Selected Topics (Theatre)* 3 credits

Feit Seminar*
One Feit Seminar on Latin American and Caribbean cultures and societies may replace one of the courses toward the minor.

Language courses taken to fulfill the Baruch language requirement may not be used toward the minor. However, students are strongly advised to take courses in a relevant foreign language in addition to the minors required 9 credit hours.

*Topics as relevant to the minor.

**Courses in Spanish at the 4000 level are taught in Spanish.

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