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Global Studies Program

The Faculty

    Program Coordinator:
  • Sorin Cucu (English)

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The Minor

The Global Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary program suitable for students in Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Public Affairs who have an interest in developing an understanding of the nature and history of globalization. Students minoring in Global Studies acquire knowledge of the fundamental debates over the origin and direction of globalization. The program investigates the forms of cultural contact and conflict that underlie the current geopolitical and economic makeup of the world. It provides an overview of the historical developments, from sixteenth-century seafaring to twenty-first century media technologies, that have knitted the globe together. It introduces a range of methodologies and concepts designed to study such phenomena. In order to complete a minor in Global Studies, students must take three courses, the Global Studies capstone (4900) “Globalization Past, Present, and Future,” and two of the following:

IDC 4900 Globalizations: Past, Present, and Future 3 credits

HIS 3009 Topics in the History of Globalization 3 credits
POL 3347 Seminar on Political Globalization 3 credits
*Additional courses are upcoming

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