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Education Program

The Faculty

    Director of Teacher Education:
  • Emily Comstock DiMartino


Program Description

The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences offers a minor in education. This minor does not satisfy the Tier III requirement, but it may be taken as a second minor. The minor in education is designed to acquaint students with the theoretical, psychological, and sociocultural issues involved in education. Since Baruch no longer offers an accredited education program, any education credits taken at Baruch after Spring 2001 may not count toward the professional education credits needed for New York State Teacher Certification. However, the minor provides significant depth in important issues in the field. Additional questions regarding the minor should be directed to Emily Comstock DiMartino, director of teacher education, at 646-312-3936.

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The Minor

Students must complete the following courses:

EDU 1100 Introduction to Urban Education
EDU 1101 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence in an Urban Context
EDU 3001 Theories of Learning in Teaching
EDU 3002 Problems of Contemporary Education in Perspective

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