This tutorial was created by Baruch College's Newman Library and Communication Studies Department as a resource for students taking the Communications 1010 speech communication course. The primary goal of this tutorial is to help students learn how to use better research techniques to improve the quality of their oral presentations. The material in this tutorial is not specific to Communications 1010 and can be applied to any classes in which students are expected to use library databases to find information to incorporate into their speeches.


  • Interactive activities throughout the tutorial give students practice using databases and creating references.
  • Two downloadable assignments, which can be given to students as homework, take students through the process of finding and evaluating actual online sources that they can use in their oral presentations.

Content Covered

  • "Navigating the Research Universe"
    • Advantages to using databases
    • Types of databases
    • Research Navigator Tool, which helps students select the right database(s) for their research
  • Finding Articles Using Databases
    • Performing a keyword search
    • Interactive walkthrough of Academic Search Premier
  • Evaluating Your Sources
    • Evaluation of a potential source, using these five criteria
      • Reliability
      • Accuracy
      • Timeliness
      • Bias
      • Context
  • Gathering Reference Information
    • Interactive practice finding information for a source
    • Overview of APA and MLA citation style
  • Using Multiple Sources
    • Importance of using multiple types of evidence
    • Video example
  • Citing Sources in Oral Presentations
    • Quoting
    • Paraphrasing
    • Using statistics effectively
    • Video examples