School of Public Affairs

School of Public Affairs is dedicated to educating leaders in governments, education nonprofit, corporations, and philanthropic organizations. You can take courses in demography, education, politics, public administration, public communications, and urban planning.

Students come to Baruch to be engaged, to interact and to join our team-based approach to tackling the most critical issues of our time, from poverty and homelessness to urban education and healthcare. A degree in public affairs has never been more relevant or more necessary.

Our rigorous academic program combines classroom learning with real-world experience that faculty and students bring directly into the classroom. Through internships, students see firsthand what they have been studying and researching in class.

Our School of Public Affairs graduates have won Fulbright Scholarships and served as White House, Presidential Management, and Colin Powell Fellows. They leave the School of Public Affairs inspired o advance bold ideas that lead to success.

What can I do with a public affairs degree?

Career opportunities range from supervising a city parks and recreation program to being an urban planner, to an intelligence officer (CIA, FBI), to journalist to a foreign service officer. Forty percent of all graduates with a Public Affairs degree work as mid or top level managers, administrators, or executives in the non-profit sector. 50% work in similar positions in business and industry. One in ten work in protective services such as law enforcement, fire, or the military. Nearly 80% of graduates state that an integral part of their jobs is performing administrative, financial, and legal or accounting duties, with 50% of graduates stating that personnel and employee related duties are also integral to their positions.

A number of Public Affairs majors go onto a post-baccalaureate degree such as law school or an MPA program.

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