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Teaching and Technology Conference

Keynote Address: “Looking Ahead: The Second Generation of Online Learning.” - Gary E. Miller

Online learning is an increasingly important tool to help higher education adapt to changing societal needs as the Information Revolution evolves into a global information society.  The challenge for higher education is to create both citizens and professionals who can function effectively in an information-rich, multi-cultural society.  Increasingly, we will need to focus our use of online technology not only to attract new students, but also to create student-centered, multi-cultural learning communities where the emphasis is on helping students develop the skills of evaluating information and turning it into useful knowledge that they can use to solve problems.  This talk will examine several recent innovations in this area, such as the flipped classroom, use of social media and big data, blurring of traditional institutional boundaries as institutions use online learning to adapt to new social challenges.

Gary E. Miller, D.Ed., is Executive Director Emeritus of the Penn State World Campus, the e-learning campus of The Pennsylvania State University.  As the founding Executive Director of the World Campus, Dr. Miller led the development of what has become recognized as one of the leading e-learning institutions in the United States.  He began his career in educational broadcasting at Penn State and served as Director of Instructional Media for the University from 1981 to 1987.  From 1987-1993, he served as Executive Director of the International University Consortium and Associate Vice President for Program Development at the University of Maryland University College.  In 2004, he was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.  He received the 2004 Charles A. and Mildred B. Wedemeyer Award from the University of Wisconsin and the American Journal of Distance Education and the 2007 Irving Award from the American Distance Education Consortium for his contributions to distance education.  Dr. Miller was recognized for lifetime contributions to the field by the Sloan Consortium and the National University Telecommunications Network in 2008 and by the International Council for Open and Distance Education in 2009.  He was named a Sloan Consortium Fellow in 2010. He is the author of The Meaning of General Education (Teachers College Press, 1988) and numerous articles and book chapters on distance education, including “Organization and Technology of Distance Education” in An Introduction to Distance Education (Routledge, 2010).   He is a lead author of Leading the E-Learning Transformation of Higher Education (Stylus, 2013).