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Summer Sessions 2018

Registration Starts March 19th

Summer Course Offerings

This list represents a selection of courses open to Non-CUNY Visiting Students. You can view more detail regarding these courses in the Summer Class Schedule. Please contact us with any questions at

Subject and Course Number Course Title
ACC 2101 Principles of Accounting
ACC 2203 Principles of Managerial Accounting for Non-accounting Majors
ANT 1001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ART 1000 Introduction to Design and Visual Communication
ART 1012 Art History Survey II
ART 2050 Basic Graphic Communication: Design and Advertising Layout
ART 2060 Basic Photography
ART 3050 Intermediate Graphic Communication: Layout and Publication Design
ART 3057 Principles of Internet design
ART 3058 Graphic Communication: Print Production
BIO 1005 General Biology - Structure and Function - A Human Orientation
BIO 1011L Fundamentals of Biology: Human Biology Lecture
BIO 1012 Fundamentals of Biology: Human Biology Laboratory
BIO 1015L Fundamentals of Biology - Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
BIO 1016 Fundamentals of Biology, Laboratory Research in Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
BIO 2010 Principles of Biology I
BIO 3001 Principles of Biology II
BLS 1003 The Evolution and Expressions of Racism
BLS 3015 Black Economic Development: 1860 to the Present
BUS 1000 Introduction to Business
CHI 1001 Elementary Chinese I
CHI 1002 Elementary Chinese II
CHM 1000 Chemistry and the Environment
CHM 1003L Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHM 1004 Fundamentals of Chemical Laboratory Techniques
CHM 3001 General Chemistry II
CIS 2200 Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies
CIS 3100 Object-Oriented Programming I
CIS 3270 Computer Ethics
CIS 3367 Spreadsheet Applications in Business
CIS 3400 Database Management Systems I
CIS 3630 Principles of Web Design
CIS 3810 Principles of New Media
CIS 3920 Data Mining for Business Analytics
CMP 2800 Great Works of Literature I
CMP 2850 Great Works of Literature II
COM 1010 Speech Communication
COM 2000 Introduction to Communication Studies
COM 3068 Managerial Communication Within Organizations
COM 3070 Persuasion
COM 3076 International Communication
COM 3077 Interpersonal Communication
COM 3102 Communication for Executives
COM 3110 Contemporary Issues in Digital Media
COM 3150 Business Communication
ECO 1001 Micro-Economics
ECO 1002 Macro-Economics
ECO 3100 Intermediate Micro-Economics
ECO 3200 Intermediate Macro-Economics
ENG 2100 Writing I
ENG 2150 Writing II
ENG 2800 Great Works of Literature I
ENG 2850 Great Works of Literature II
ENG 3015 Survey of English Literature II
ENG 3020 Survey of American Literature I
ENG 3025 Survey of American Literature II
ENG 3030 Contemporary Literature From Asia, Africa, and Latin America
ENV 1003L Fundamentals of Ecology
ENV 1004 Fundamentals of Ecological Research
ENV 1020 Principles of Ecology
FRE 1001 Elementary French I
FRE 1002 Elementary French II
HIS 1001 Themes in Global History to 1500 C.E.
HIS 1003 Themes in Global History Since 1500 C.E.
HIS 1005 Modern American History
HIS 3221 European Thought in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
HIS 3460 Topics in American History
ITL 1001 Elementary Italian I
ITL 1002 Elementary Italian II
JPN 1001 Elementary Japanese I
JPN 1002 Elementary Japanese II
JRN 3510 Multimedia Reporting
JWS 3950 Special Topics in Jewish Studies
LAW 1101 Fundamentals of Business Law
LIB 3040 Information and Society
LTS 1003 Latin America: An Institutional and Cultural Survey
LTS 1004 Introduction to Latino Studies
MGT 3120 Fundamentals of Management
MGT 3121 Service Operations Management
MGT 3300 Management: A Behavioral Approach
MGT 3500 Introduction to Management Science
MGT 3710 Production Planning Systems
MGT 3730 Analysis of Management Processes
MGT 3800 Management and Society
MGT 3960 Entrepreneurship Management
MKT 3000 Marketing Foundations
MKT 3400 International Business Principles
MKT 3520 Advertising and Marketing Communications
MKT 3600 Marketing Research
MKT 3605 Consumer Behavior
MSC 1003 Music in Civilization
MSC 1005 Principles of Music
MSC 3022 Popular Song in America
MTH 1030 College Algebra
MTH 2003 Pre-calculus and Elements of Calculus
MTH 2160 Ideas in Mathematics and Their Applications
MTH 2205 Applied Calculus II
MTH 2207 Applied Calculus and Matrix Applications
MTH 2610 Calculus I
MTH 3010 Elementary Calculus II
MTH 3020 Intermediate Calculus
MTH 3300 Algorithms, Computers, and Programming I
PAF 1250 Citizenship and Public Affairs
PAF 3005 Public Service in New York City
PAF 3010 Policy and Politics
PAF 3040 Information and Society
PAF 3100 Nonprofit Administration
PAF 3102 Economic Analysis of Public Policy
PAF 3108 Public Campaigns And Advocacy
PAF 3201 Public Communication and Organizations
PAF 3401 Quantitative Methods for Policy and Practice
PHI 1500 Major Issues in Philosophy
PHI 1600 Logic and Moral Reasoning
PHI 3270 Computer Ethics
PHY 1003 Concepts in Physics
PHY 2001 Fundamentals of Experimental Physics
PHY 2002L Fundamentals of Physics: Theory and Practice
PHY 3001 General Physics II
POL 1101 American Government: Practices and Values
POL 2321 Urban Government
POL 3315 Government and the American Economy
POL 3316 The Presidency
POL 3342 American Foreign Policy
PSY 1001 General Psychology
PSY 3054 The Psychology of Sleep
PSY 3055 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3056 Social Psychology
PSY 3059 Developmental Psychology: Personality in Childhood and Adolescence
PSY 3060 Developmental Psychology: Adult Development
PSY 3062 Psychology of Stress Management
PSY 3063 Health Psychology
PSY 3064 Personality and Individual Differences
PSY 3067 The Psychology of Motivation and Learning
PSY 3069 Psychology And Law
PSY 3081 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 3101 Political Psychology
PSY 3181 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
SOC 1005 Introductory Sociology
SOC 3131 Sociology of the Family
SOC 3156 Social Inequality
SPA 1001 Elementary Spanish I and II
SPA 1002 Elementary Spanish II
SPA 3002 Intensive Intermediate Spanish II
STA 2000 Business Statistics I
STA 2100 Statistics for Social Science
STA 3920 Data Mining for Business Analytics
TAX 3300 Federal Income Taxation
THE 1041 Introduction to the Theatre Arts
THE 1043 Introduction to Acting