Disability Services


Barbara Sirois Barbara Sirois
Responsible for ensuring access to all programs and services for students with disabilities. The Director will meet with you to determine what accommodations you require. The director is the liaison with faculty and other administrators in the college.
Email: barbara.sirois@baruch.cuny.edu


Raymond Perez Raymond Perez
Assistant Director
When the Director is out of the Office, Raymond is responsible for all aspects of Disability Services. Raymond is committed to providing the highest level of accessibility for Baruch's community of students with disabilities. Raymond serves as a liaison with high school and community colleges, state rehabilitation agencies and other professional organizatation in order to maintain beneficial resources and connections for Baruch students. He is available as an "academic coach." Raymond is a Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology Program; therefore, he also brings to his position excellent mental health understanding.
Email: raymond.perez@baruch.cuny.edu


Ronald Bissessar Ronald Bissessar
Assistive Technology Manager
Assesses students needs in the area of assistive technology. Ron provides individual training to students as needed.
Email: ronald.bissessar@baruch.cuny.edu


Harriet Baer Harriet Baer
Assistive Technology Laboratory Coordinator
Harriet maintains a clean and safe computer lab environment and assists students with assistive technology as well as proctoring exams. She coordinates and obtains all alternate formats of textbooks and other reading materials for students with learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, hand dysfunction, visual impairments and mobility impairments.
Email: harriet.baer@baruch.cuny.edu


Evelyn Morales Evelyn Morales
Evelyn is the first person in the Disability Department to greet and welcome students and to understand their needs. She does a million different things that you will come to appreciate.
Email: evelyn.morales@baruch.cuny.edu