Disability Services

Meet the Staff

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Patricia Fleming

Patricia Clarke Fleming, LMHC, CRC, is the Director for Student Disability Services at Baruch College. Ms. Fleming serves all students with disabilities and the campus community. She develops and implements disability trainings, and serves as the primary campus resource to administration for disability related issues. The Director ensures that the office supports students, faculty, and staff in every way possible to ensure access for students with disabilities.
Email: Patricia.Fleming@baruch.cuny.edu


Lillian Shmulevich
Associate Director
Works closely with the Director to ensure that all students receive equal opportunities by supporting educational development and making sure that appropriate accommodations are provided. The Associate Director will meet with you to determine reasonable accommodations based on documented disabilities and encourage independence by teaching students self-advocacy skills.
Email: Lillian.Shmulevich@baruch.cuny.edu


Ronald Bissessar
Assistive Technology Manager
The Student Services Manager assesses students’ needs in the area of assistive technology and provides individual accommodation and trainings as needed. Ron coordinates with departments throughout the campus to ensure assistive technology is in place and student with disabilities have equal access. He also works with faculty to ensure electronic content are made accessible and classroom accommodations are met in a timely manner.
Email: Ronald.Bissessar@baruch.cuny.edu


Sydacia Bunbury
LEADS Counselor
Sydacia assists students with disabilities with the skills and insight needed to make academic and career choices that will lead to successful and fulfilling employment. She will provide career counseling, resume and interview preparation, internship and job seeking assistance and advocacy skills.
Email: Sydacia.Bunbury@baruch.cuny.edu


CUNY Office Assistant
The CUNY Office Assistant is responsible for scheduling appointments, registering students with the department, proctoring exams as well as assisting students with other disability related issues.


Yessica Cerda
Disability Accommodations Specialist
The Disability Accommodations Specialist processes requests for textbooks and other reading material in alternate formats and coordinates services for students who are deaf.


Reginald Coupet
Assistive Technology Specialist
The Assistive Technology Specialist works closely with the Student Services Manager to ensure appropriate assistive technology accommodations are met and placed throughout the campus. Reginald also trains students on the use of assistive technology and assists with maintaining the Disability Services webpage.           
E-mail: Reginald.Coupet@baruch.cuny.edu