Disability Services

Students Accommodations

  • Accommodations - It is the responsibility of the student to request accommodations in college.
  • Student’s Instructor - It is the responsibility of the student to inform their instructors of their accommodations by sharing the accommodation letter that has been provided to the student by this office.
  • Exams – Please pick up an Exam Proctor Request Form in our office. Ask the Professor to complete the Form. Student should return the completed Form to this office at least five days prior to the exam. If you are an evening student, please discuss beforehand an alternate time to take the exam in this office. 
  • Assistive Technology – Meet with our Accommodation Specialist to discuss various devices that you can use throughout the semester at no charge.
  • Requests for Sign Language Interpreters, Laboratory assistants, or Auxiliary classroom aids should be made well in advance of the beginning of each semester to ensure we have time to make the necessary arrangements.