Disability Services


Accommodations Responsibilities
The role as a parent who has a college student with a disability is to provide support. Appropriate parental involvement must take place within the boundaries set by law, by good sense, and by keeping the long term best interest of the emerging young adult in mind; such involvement most often involves advising and encouraging the college life from the sidelines. Your role shifts to a subtle hand of guidance when it comes to the process involved in your child's education. The responsibilities towards students with disabilities in higher education institutions are very different from those of high schools. Higher education institutions are required to provide appropriate academic accommodations to ensure that a student with a disability is not discriminated against. The student is responsible for disclosing his or her disability to the institution.
In high school, teachers kept me informed of how my child was doing in class. Will we receive those same accommodations? As a child leaves secondary school to enter into higher education, fundamental changes occur with respect to his/her education as a person with a disability. Students are ultimately responsible for managing their own education, understanding their functional limitations and requesting necessary accommodations for their disabilities. Baruch College is not permitted to release information about a student's academic progress.
A college student can sign a release giving staff permission to share information with parents. However, you should know that even if a student signs a release, Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) staff only communicates with parents, or other parties, in the presence of the student. Also, OSSD staff requires that the student handle any matters related to our office, including registration and accommodations. We do not work with the parent in place of the student. All requests for accommodations must come directly from the student.