Disability Services


  • Accommodations - It is the responsibility of the student to inform their instructors of their accommodations by sharing the Accommodation Letter that has been provided to the student by this office.
  • Syllabus: Should contain a statement such as this: “It is college policy to provide Accommodations and Academic Adjustments to students with disabilities. Any student who has a disability who may need accommodations in this class should register with Student Disability Services which is located in VC2-272 as early as possible.  All discussions will remain confidential. 646-312-4590.”
  • Exams – If a student is registered with Student Disability Services, and has extended time for an exam which CANNOT be accommodated in the classroom, the student has been instructed to visit this office (VC2-272) at least five days prior to the exam to pick up an Exam Scheduling Form. The student and the professor complete the form together and the form is returned by the Student to VC2-272.   Evening students should discuss with their instructor an alternate time to take the exam in this office and professors should write this time on the form.

    On receipt of this Exam Proctoring Form from the student, we will email the professor to confirm exam details and request the exam to be emailed to disability.services@baruch.cuny.edu or hand delivered to VC2-272. We will scan the completed exam to the professor.  Please, DO NOT email  exams to any email address other than disability.services@baruch.cuny.edu  
  • Assistive Technology – Some students may use recorders, FM Units, Tablets, or other devices in your class as an accommodation. The Accommodation letter will state what their specific accommodation is.
  • Requests for Sign Language Interpreters, Laboratory assistants, or Auxiliary classroom aids should be made by the student well in advance of the beginning of each semester to ensure we have time to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Questions – If you have any questions about a student, accommodations, exams, or anything related to disability, please visit us or call. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns and address any issues.