Disability Services


Twenty-six hand gestures represent the twenty six letters of the English alphabet.

An individual with a hearing disability can be hard of hearing (having some degree of hearing) or be completely deaf. Deaf individuals often utilize services such as sign language interpreters, CART, C-Print and Typewell. In addition to using the services that are used by the deaf population, hard of hearing individuals can use the following devices:

Personal FM system 

This transmitter/receiver system is used by individuals who are hard of hearing. A typical setup would be in the classroom for a professor and a student. The professor would wear the transmitter and the student would wear the receiver.

Livescribe Pen

The Livescribe pen is a smart pen that uses unique micro dot paper to record audio that is synced with handwritten notes. It allows the user to go back and review incomplete or missed notes. Individuals who have some hearing may benefit from using the Livescribe pen.