Disability Services


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Individuals with cognitive disabilities often have difficulties with reading, math and visual comprehension. They also struggle with memory retention and have attention deficits. These Individuals can use the following Assistive Technology to assist in meeting their academic and personal goals:

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is used by those with learning disabilities. It is computer software used to read various types of documents, including items scanned using a scanner. The software can read on the internet, can be used as a read-back in the writing process and offers a number of tools to aid one's study skills. Individuals who have difficulty reading materials often find success when reading along with a reading software like Kurzweil 3000.

Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold is software that provides help to individuals with reading and writing difficulties. It can read text aloud and help one construct words and sentences. It has advanced spell checking, word prediction, document scanning and internet tools.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking lets users dictate to the computer instead of typing. As one speaks, the words are transcribed onto the screen. This program can be used with many other computer applications and on the internet. Individuals who have learning disabilities benefit from using Dragon Naturally Speaking.


Inspiration is a program that allows users to visually organize, prioritize, and link their ideas. Pictures, diagrams, and text are all used in combination to help the individuals understand and retain the information presented. The program features a reader component as well. Students are able to use alternative ways to create written work and can easily transfer it into a traditional format within the program. Documents created in Inspiration can be exported into traditional word processing programs to "jump start" the writing process.

Franklin Language Master

The Franklin Language Master is a talking electronic dictionary, thesaurus and speller. This unit helps individuals with learning disabilities who might have difficulty with spelling, reading and interpreting information.

Livescribe Pen

The Livescribe pen is a smart pen that uses unique micro dot paper to record audio that is synced with handwritten notes. It allows the user to go back and review incomplete or missed notes.


Tablets can be equipped with a variety of Assistive Technology apps to accommodate individuals who have a variety of learning disabilities. There are apps to assist with processing during reading, memory retention, organization, time management, etc.