Disability Services Eight tiles representing various disabilities

Mission Statement

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities exists to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities to ensure they have equal access to the college’s programs and services.  Through student intake, faculty consultation, and outreach to the community, students can develop interpersonal, social, vocational and emotional growth.

Our Core Values

  • Treat students as dignified individuals with rights and responsibilities

  • Empower students to manage their own accommodations to the greatest extent possible

  • Make information available so students can make informed choices

  • Provide reasonable accommodations without lowering standards or changing the essential nature of a course or program

  • Seek to provide quality services in an efficient, effective, timely and professional manner

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Address & Location

Baruch College
Office of Services for Students with Disabilities
One Bernard Baruch Way
Box B2-271
New York, New York 10010

Room 2-271, Newman Vertical Campus
Tel. #: 646-312-4590 (for general inquiries & appointments)
Fax #: 646-312-4591

E-mail all exams to Disability.Services@baruch.cuny.edu


Office Hours for Summer 2016

8:30-- 6:00
8:30-- 6:00
8:30-- 6:00
8:30-- 6:00

Note: If you are not available for appointments during our regular office hours, please call us (646-312-4590) to request an appointment or schedule a telephone appointment during regular office hours.