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New Student and Family Programs


Welcome parents and families of first year students at Baruch College!

We know your concerns about getting started:

We know that parents have a number of concerns at the outset. Many of them are about the institution.

  • What courses and academic support will my student receive? Are they the right courses? Why does my student need to take these courses?
  • What resources are available to help pay for the cost of college?
  • What career and job opportunities are out there for Baruch students and graduates? How will the college help my student with obtain these opportunities? How much time can a student manage to work at a job while school without jeopardizing academic success?
  • What if my student has problems in school? Who will help?
  • What kind of security is there for my student? How safe is it?
  • What kind of campus life is at the college? What kind of people will my student meet?
  • What about health services? Religious activities?
  • Who can I contact with my questions? How can I get through to the right people at the College?
  • As a parent, what rights do I have in the educational process? After all, I'm paying the tuition and supporting this child.

Parents can find out more about the institution in several ways:

  • Read the online Undergraduate Bulletin.
  • Get acquainted with the Baruch College website. It contains a plethora of information about the College while keeping you updated on college news.
  • Attend Parent and Family Orientation. Over the summer, you will receive an invitation to attend Baruch Beginnings for Parents and Families, an orientation for parents and families of new students scheduled as part of the Convocation/Baruch Beginnings day of activities that your student will attend earlier that day. Plan to attend and meet your student at the college for this special day.