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  • Recognize that your student is shaping an identity for him/herself. During the college years your student will expand his/her horizons, challenge previously held notions, and meet many new people. Students may alter their beliefs or lifestyle in ways that may create conflict at home. The student needs a safe space to explore their identity knowing that changing and becoming a person in their own right will not mean sacrificing your love. These transformations can be frightening to the student and to you, but as the student emerges fully into adulthood a new relationship and bond emerges between parent and child. Things may never be the same but that does not mean they will deteriorate. You can help by stepping back rather than stepping in or stepping away. Allow the student to emerge. Throughout the college years, the student is grappling with “Who am I?” and “What do I want to be?” questions. Be there to help the student navigate this journey, but let them guide your role in this process. Be an empathic listener. Students will be testing out career and life directions. Allowing them to discover their strengths, interests, and values and act on them. Allow them to fulfill their own vision for their lives. Don’t expect them to live out your fantasies for you. There are many paths to a rich and meaningful life. Let them find their path and celebrate it.
  • How else can parents get involved?
    If you are interested in getting involved in the Parents and Family of Baruch Students organization, let us know by sending us an email, Welcome to Baruch, partner!