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Res Life StaffClockwise from top left: Lalit, Martin, Alisser, Michelle, Allen, Dylan, Andrea

Meet Dylan:

Dylan James Maurer
Residence Hall Director
Graduate Student, Columbia University
Born and Raised: Riverside, CA

Meet RA Alisser:

Full Name: Alisser Alexandria Allen (9th Floor)
Born and Raised: Jamaica, West Indies
Class Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Accounting/Law and Policy

Meet RA Michelle:

Full Name: Michelle Andrea Serpico (9th Floor)
Born and Raised: Manhattan, NY
Class Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Graphic Communications

Meet RA Lalit:

Full Name: Lalit Kumar (10th Floor)
Born and Raised: Milan, Italy
Class Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Finance/Economics

Meet RA Andrea:

Full Name: Andrea Gandolfo Macchiavello (15th Floor)
Born and Raised: Lima, Peru
Class Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Digital Marketing/Psychological Marketing

Meet RA Allen:

Full Name: Allen Thomas (16th Floor)
Born and Raised: New Hyde Park, NY
Class Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Accounting/Political Science

Meet RA Martin:

Full Name: Martin Augustus Schmid (16th Floor)
Born and Raised: Buffalo, NY
Class Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Public Affairs/Economics