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Allen Thomas
Allen Thomas photoName: Allen Thomas
Floor: 16th
Class: Senior
Major: Accounting
Fun Fact: I've ridden an elephant before
Jacqueline Aquino
Jackie Aquino photoName: Jacqueline Aquino
Floor: 19th
Class: Senior
Major: Public Affairs
Fun Fact: Participated in the Fall 2014 Disney College Program
Martin Schmid
Martin Schmid photoName: Martin Schmid
Floor: 8th
Class: Senior
Major: Public Affairs
Fun Fact: Enjoys crunching leaves as he walks
Meghan Scala
Meghan Scala photoName: Meghan Scala
Floor: 15th
Class: Junior (Class of 2017)
Major: Public Affairs
Fun Fact: I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan
Namit Singh
Namit Singh photoName: Namit Singh
Floor: 9th
Class: Senior
Major: Computer Information Systems
Fact: My hair looks gelled but it's all natural. No hair products!
Winnie Cheng
Winnie Cheng photoName: Winnie Cheng
Floor: 15th
Class: Junior
Major: International Marketing
Fun Fact: I love surfing