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Res Life StaffFront Row: Jordan; Back Row, L to R: Andrea, Brian, Jess, Miguel, Thuy, Martin

Meet Residence Hall Director Jordan:

Full Name: Jordan Gage McFarlane-Beau
Born: Queens, NY
Raised: Carnarsie, Brooklyn & Westbury, Long Island
Degree: B.A. in Business Administration in Operations Management
MS Ed Candidate for Higher Education Administration

Meet RA Andrea:

Full Name: Andrea Gandolfo Macchiavello
Born and Raised: Peru
Class Year: Upper Junior
Major/Minor: Marketing

Meet RA Brian:

Full Name: Brian Veith
Born and Raised: Westchester County, NY
Class Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Finance/Economics-Entrepreneurship

Meet RA Jess:

Full Name: Jessica Duleba
Born: Windsor, Ontario
Raised: Michigan
Class Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Marketing/French

Meet RA Miguel:

Full Name: Miguel Angel Osorio
Born and Raised: Palmira, Colombia
Class Year: Senior
Major/Minor: International Marketing/Spanish/Political Science

Meet RA Thuy:

Full Name: Thuy Thanh Dao
Born and Raised: Hanoi, Vietnam
Class Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Meet RA Martin:

Full Name: Martin Augustus Schmid
Born and Raised: Buffalo, New York
Class Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Public Affairs/Economics