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The Residence Hall is located at 1760 Third Avenue at 97th Street.  Each room in the building is furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, chair, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning unit, television and a bathroom.

How to check-in:

  1. Sunday, August 24, 2013 is your move-in day. You will need to check-in with security with a valid form of photo ID. Please check in between 10am and 3pm. Early arrivals will have to wait in the lobby until 12:00pm – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. You can unload your belongings in the front of the building. If you have a car, please make sure you pay the meter and mind the parking regulations.
  3. We will have a Welcoming Team to meet you at the front entrance who will assist you with moving in.
  4. Your Resident Assistant (RA) will meet you in your room when you check in and do a formal check in and welcome to the building.

Make sure you speak with your roommate(s) before purchasing items so that you can coordinate what to bring!

Things to bring for your stay at the Residence Hall:

  1. Twin bed sheets
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Hangers
  4. Sheets and blankets
  5. Cleaning supplies & garbage can
  6. Surge protector(s)
  7. Radio
  8. Calendar
  9. Iron
  10. Pictures
  11. Extra-long shower curtain
  12. Toiletries/Bathroom Supplies including towels and a bathmat
  13. Kitchen supplies (there are two shared floor kitchens in the building)
  14. Laundry supplies - Laundry machines are card operated, and the machine only accepts $5, $10 & $20 bills. Washing a load costs $2.00 and drying for a 48 minute cycle is $2.00.
  15. Pillow

The following items are NOT permitted:

  1. Personal furniture, television or microwave
  2. Cooking appliances or electric blankets
  3. Pets or animals of any kind
  4. Halogen lights or lamps
  5. Candles or incense
  6. Cinder blocks

We have a host of exciting events planned as part of Residence Life Welcome Week Details will be forthcoming but in the meantime please mark your calendar for the following important opening events:

  1. Family Welcome Reception on Sunday, August 25th in the Multi-purpose room at 3:30pm-this would be an opportunity for parents and guests to meet with the Baruch Residence Life team.
  2. Mandatory Resident Building Meeting on Sunday, August 25th in the Multi-purpose room at 5pm-meet with your fellow residents, get to know the residence life staff and learn more about what’s in store for the upcoming year with Baruch Res Life living.  Dinner will be served.