Housing Services

State-of-the-art residences for
Baruch students in walking distance
from Central Park and the East River Promenade.

1760 Third Avenue, Manhattan

The Baruch College Residence Hall is equipped with a fitness center, laundry machines that text you when your clothes are done, and a multipurpose lounge where you can study or relax with friends. The building is a short walk from Central Park or the East River Esplanade, and Third Avenue is lined with one-of-a-kind shops and terrific restaurants that represent cuisines from all over the world. The Residence Hall remains open and staffed over Winter Break so you can stay and enjoy the city. Baruch College Housing Services offers double and triple rooms, for two or three students each.

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What amenities are offered in the Residence Hall?

The Residence Hall amenities include:

  • 24-hour security
  • professional live-in Residence Life staff
  • room and residence key-card entry
  • fully furnished rooms
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator and microwave in room
  • private bathrooms
  • cable TV
  • high-speed internet
  • laundry facilities
  • library
  • shared kitchen
  • meeting rooms and lounges
  • fitness center
  • public computers

Which amenities are available 24/7?

The shared kitchen, fitness center, library, public computers, and lounges are all available 24 hours per day.

Is there a meal plan in the Residence Hall?

While there is no meal plan or cafeteria in the Residence Hall, there is a large shared kitchen on the first floor for residents. In addition, each room has a mid-sized refrigerator and microwave. Residents need to provide their own cooking supplies, food, and utensils.

What is student life at the Residence Hall like?

Baruch's office of Student Life provides continuous engagement at the Residence Hall, including ongoing activities and programming organized by the RA staff.

What is the closest train and how long does it take to get to campus?

The 6 train has stop around the corner at 96th Street and Lexington Avenue. It takes about 25 minutes to get to campus. There is no resident stipend for MetroCards.

How many students live in the Residence Hall?

The 1760 Third Avenue building houses over 1,100 students from Baruch and other colleges. Baruch College has approximately 340 students in residence, six Resident Assistants, and one full-time professional staff member living on-site.

What if I have a car?

Baruch and the Residence Hall do not provide any parking or parking passes for students. There is a nearby parking garage that has monthly rates.

Are there bathrooms in the rooms?

Each room, whether you opt for a double or triple occupancy, has a bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet.

Are there washer and dryers in the Residence Hall?

There is a laundry room in the Residence Hall. You will need to supply your own laundry detergent, and laundry basket or bag. Washers and dryers operate on a pre-paid keycard system. An alert system will let you know when your laundry is done.

Are there cable, phone, and/or internet connections in the rooms?

Yes, those services are all included in the housing rate at no extra cost. There is also wireless internet connection.

Do I need to bring furniture?

Large pieces of furniture such as couches and recliners are provided and may not be substituted for your own. However, smaller items may be permitted as long as they do not interfere with your roommate(s). No Housing-issued furniture can be removed from the room.

Application Process and Considerations

Who is eligible for housing?

Through Baruch College Housing Services, only full-time, enrolled students are eligible for housing. Non-Baruch students are not eligible for housing through our program.

How do I apply?

All students interested in housing must fill out the Baruch Housing application form.

With limited space available, housing requests will be accommodated via a lottery system. Students must already be admitted to Baruch College, and then they must submit a $300 security deposit, along with the housing application, to be entered into the housing lottery. Deposits will be returned to students who do not receive a room placement.

If you receive and accept a Residence Hall placement, the deposit will be returned at the end of the housing term if there are no damages to your room. However, the deposit is nonrefundable if you decline a housing offer, withdraw your application at any time, miss the deadline to submit your housing documentation, or cancel your housing.

Is the Residence Hall co-ed?

Yes. However, rooms are only occupied by individuals of the same gender.

Are there single occupancy rooms available?

No, the Residence Hall only offers double and triple occupancy rooms.

Besides the 1760 Third Avenue location, are there other residence hall locations for Baruch College?

Currently 1760 Third Avenue is the only residence hall option for Baruch students.

Can I request to live with my friend?

You can indicate a roommate request on your application, but requests are not guaranteed. Roommates must be of the same gender.

Are there accommodations for persons with disabilities?

Accommodations for people with disabilities are made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I smoke in my room?

No. There is a no smoking policy. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. However, there are designated smoking areas outside of the Residence Hall.

Is there a storage facility for my bike?

No, you must store your bike in your room.

Am I allowed to have any pets?

There is a no pet policy (this includes fish).

Would I be able to switch roommates if we do not get along?

Every effort is made to work with roommates to ensure they are able to peacefully coexist in the same living environment. Resident Assistants, Resident Director(s), and additional Residence Life staff are all available to help roommates who may have conflicts. Taking into account the transition period for all first-year students, roommate changes are discouraged in the first semester. Situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Residence Life.

Costs and Payment Options

How much is housing per semester?

$13,768 for a double from August 2016 to May 2017 (6,884 per semester).

$12,880 for a triple from August 2016 to May 2017 ($6,440 per semester).

When do I pay?

Payments are made on a per-semester basis and are due with your academic tuition.

Is Financial Aid available?

Yes. Those who are eligible for financial aid must complete the FAFSA application approximately two to three weeks after filing their federal income tax returns—so be sure to file early! When answering Question 101 a-h on the FAFSA, you must indicate that you will be living "on campus." This response allows the Office of Financial Aid Services to determine your estimated cost of attendance and your financial aid award appropriately. Please note that this does not guarantee you housing with Baruch College.

For questions pertaining to financial aid, and assistance in applying for direct loans, please contact the Office of Financial Aid Services at (646) 312-1360 or financial.aid@baruch.cuny.edu.

Is there a payment plan?

You may pay your bill in monthly installments through the Sallie Mae Tuition Pay plan, which has an application fee. To sign up for this program, go to tuitionpay.com/cuny. Please visit the Baruch bursar's website for more information.

Can I use my NYS 529 College Savings Plan to pay for housing?

Yes. You will need to contact your financial institution to have the check made out to "Baruch College." Please contact the Bursar's Office for more information.

Housing Logistics and Terms

How long is the Housing License Agreement?

The license agreement is for one full academic year (exceptions may be made for exchange students on a case-by-case basis). Students who stay for the full academic year will be able to stay in the Residence Hall over the winter break at no extra charge. At the end of the academic year agreement, students are required to move within 24 hours of their last final.

Summer housing is separate and apart from the academic year agreement. Applications for 2016 Summer Housing will be available during the Spring semester.

For additional information regarding Baruch housing, contact us at housing@baruch.cuny.edu.

Would I be able to cancel my Housing Agreement?

If you wish to cancel your Housing License Agreement, you must contact Housing Services to follow the cancellation procedures laid out in your signed Housing License Agreement. Cancellation requests are granted on a case-by-case basis. A cancellation fee may apply. Please note, with few exceptions for exchange students, students are required to live at the Residence Hall for a full academic year.

Can I stay at the Residence Hall during breaks and on holidays?

Yes, the building will be open and staffed for students to stay for the duration of the academic year, including all breaks and winter session at no extra cost. However, there is a separate application process and agreement for Summer Housing.

How long can I stay in the Residence Hall?

You can stay in the Residence Hall as long as you are a registered full-time undergraduate student at Baruch College. Residential housing license agreements are only executed for one academic year at a time, generally from the last week in August through the third week in May. Current residents have the option to renew on an annual basis in the spring semester although they must move out 24 hours after their last final. If they are approved for Summer Housing, placement cannot be guaranteed for the same room.

How safe is the Residence Hall?

We take pride in the fact that our Residence Hall is very safe. There is 24-hour onsite security, all doors are locked, and security cameras are throughout the building. There is also a comprehensive guest policy (see the Overnight Guest Form), and everyone entering the building must show identification every time.

What would my mailing address be?

Your Name
1760 3rd Ave, Room#
New York, NY 10029

Where would I get my mail?

Resident mailboxes are located in the Residence Hall lobby which you access with your key. Packages delivered by UPS, FedEx, and other services are left with security in the Residence Hall. Lost mailbox keys should be reported to the Office of Residence Life. The cost for a replacement key is $20. There is one mailbox assigned to each room.

Does Baruch College offer Summer Housing?

Yes. Please check the website in April for further information.


Housing Application (Available May 1)
Security Deposit Form 2016-17
TB Clearance Form
Universal Consent Form for Minors

Baruch College supports diversity and offers a residential experience with people of different backgrounds and cultures. The residence hall system does not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or national origin.


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