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Alcohol Quiz

Read each statement and determine whether it's True or False.
All answers can be found in the alcohol section of this site.
Click on the appropriate button for the correct answer.

True False   There are 4 kinds of alcohol: Beer, wine, fortified wine and liquor.
True False   Most Americans do not drink alcohol.
True False   Alcohol does not need to be digested.
True False   Your body processes alcohol at the rate of 1/4 to 1/2 ounce per hour.
True False   Alcohol use has not been associated with cirrhosis of the liver.
True False   Alcohol does not cause the stomach to produce excess acid.
True False   Alcohol can cause memory loss and difficulty with learning new material.
True False   Alcohol use by a pregnant woman has no effect on the fetus.
True False   Alcohol is poisonous to your heart and can cause congestive heart failure.
True False   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects the baby only during the first month of its life.


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