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Getting Help for Alcohol Abuse

How To Stop Using Alcohol:

  • Admit that you have a serious problem with alcohol.
  • Throw out all the alcohol you have.
  • Then, get help. Talk with an alcohol-abuse counselor or mental health professional (Counseling Center) about stopping alcohol use and developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Join Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Face the problems that caused you to turn to alcohol in the first place.


How To Stay Away From Alcohol:

  • Respect yourself and treat yourself well.
  • Stay away from people who abuse alcohol.
  • Discourage friends from abusing alcohol.
  • Don't get into situations where you think others will get drunk.
  • Get involved with responsible people.
  • Learn better ways to deal with the problems and difficulties you face.
  • Develop other interests and activities.


Assistance Groups:

Addiction Recovery Programs


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

American Council on Alcoholism

National Association of Children of Alcoholics

Rational Recovery


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