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The Baruch College Counseling Center is now accepting applications for its 20-hour/week-externship program.

Students are expected to be available two full days per week to provide counseling services in addition to Friday supervision and trainings. All students receive one hour of weekly individual supervision and at least an hour of group supervision. They participate in monthly case conferences and present a case once each semester to the staff and trainees of both the Counseling and Career Development centers. Group supervision and case conferences are held on Fridays between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, as such all trainees are required to be present during this block of time.

Specifically, trainees in the Counseling Center join the multi-disciplinary team of licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and pre-doctoral interns to provide individual open-ended psychotherapy to students of diverse backgrounds with diverse psychological needs. In addition to providing individual therapy, externs may have the opportunity to participate in co-facilitating or observing psychotherapy groups. Externs are also trained to co-conduct at least one psycho-educational workshop. Examples of workshops include stress management, test anxiety, time management, and acculturation issues. Clinical experience may also include participating as supervisors and trainers of Baruch's undergraduate peer counselors. Externs also help respond to crises on campus and participate in outreach programs such as national depression and alcohol screening days. Supervised clinical training is complimented with weekly didactic seminars. Training seminars include group therapy, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, psychopharmacology, multicultural counseling, disability counseling, eating disorders, personality disorders, and drug addiction among other topics. If Externs hold an interest in Career Counseling and testing, it is possible to spend a select number of hours providing Career Counseling services in the college's Career Development Center.

Continuously rated the most diverse college in the nation, students have ample opportunity to work with Baruch's diverse populations and to refine their multicultural counseling skills. Baruch College's graduate counseling externship is a program in one of CUNY's most respected senior colleges. Past externs consistently rate Baruch as a top training site, especially because of its multicultural emphasis and the ability to perform multiple roles within a college counseling setting.

Baruch College is conveniently located in Manhattan on 25th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues.

Interested students should send their resume and cover letter to:

Dr. David Cheng, Director
Baruch College Counseling Center
137 E. 25th Street, Box J-0194
Baruch College, CUNY, New York, NY 10010

Or send their resume and cover letter via email attachment to: with a cc to and

We accept applications beginning on January 19. Group interviews will be held throughout the month of March. Qualified applicants will receive interview notification via email no later than February 29. An offer will be made to selected candidates by the Monday, April 4.

For additional information, please contact