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Q. Should I see the Assistant Vice President if I have a problem?
To assist you in the most expeditious manner, you should review the various departments and offices that are related to your problem, and begin there. It is important to introduce yourself to faculty and staff in an organized and calm manner to communicate your concern, while also respectfully requesting the name and position of the person you are speaking with. It is always wise to take notes (names, dates, result) on your visits as you address a problem, for follow-up thank you notes or otherwise. We value accountability and professionalism for both students, as well as staff.

Q. Who can I see to discuss a personal problem?
Students can arrange to speak to a professional staff member about any issue that they believe is impacting on their studies. Please feel free to stop by to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time with a counselor, professional, or peer advisor from the appropriate office.

Q. What kind of scholarships do you offer?
Baruch offers and array of merit and need based scholarships for incoming and continuing students as well as information about other competitive scholarships within the university and other outside funding sources. Begin by browsing through the scholarship web page for assistance.

Q. Can you write me a letter or recommendation?
We will be glad to write letters or recommendation for students that we have gotten to know through extracurricular involvement at the college. Those who know you as a student, employee or through student involvement should be the ones writing you a letter. One of your challenges will be for you to assess which faculty members can truly write about you as student.  In addition to a recommendation from a faculty member of the Division, a manager at work may also be an appropriate source.

Q. Can you tell me things that I can get involved in other than just my classes?
The collegiate experience should go well beyond your course work.  Some of our most successful students have found ways to take on various leadership roles in student organizations or community based groups. Others have found the time to get more actively involved in volunteer work either through initiatives sponsored by Baruch student organizations or other outside groups. Every experience should be a learning experience. We can suggest how you can expand or start the process.