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Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management


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The office prides itself on its’ ability to respond to the concerns expressed by all segments of the Baruch College community and tries its best in either addressing expressed student concerns directly, or making sure that the student is sent to the appropriate office that can best deal with their issue(s).

In addition to college wide administrative responsibilities, the professional staff is actively involved in adjudicating student academic integrity matters and overseeing the judicial process for adjudicating other matters pertaining to alleged violations of the student code of conduct.

The office also handles character references required by select law schools and character references that may be required by other colleges and universities for prospective transfer students.


Values of Good Student Affairs Practice:

  • engages students in active learning
  • helps students build coherent values and ethical standards
  • sets high expectations for students and student affairs practitioners
  • uses systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance
  • provides leadership and efficient use of resources to help achieve the institution's mission and goals
  • forges educational partnerships
  • builds supportive and inclusive communities



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