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The Office of Student Life at Baruch College seeks qualified emerging higher education professionals (of any appropriate discipline) to serve as Freshman Seminar Instructors during each fall semester. Each instructor will teach one or more sections of Freshman Seminar (FRO 1000).

Freshman Seminar serves as a vital gateway to a first-year student’s academic and social transition into Baruch College and is specifically tailored to address the integral needs of this unique population. Over the years, the Freshman Seminar program has evolved into a dynamic, collaborative effort designed to acclimate incoming freshmen to the Baruch College community, integrate the academic and social spectrums of the postsecondary experience, engage students in successful practices that foster multifaceted development, and ignite a sense of interdependence, belonging and purpose. Topics will include: addressing the transition from high school to college, practicing ethically sound behavior, developing a sense of integrity, discovering tools for academic success, exploring communication skills, and grasping future directions.

Freshman Seminar sections will focus on and help to:

  • Develop a sense of belonging and purpose within the Baruch College community;
  • Define and encourage academic integrity;
  • Identify the multiple social roles that a student plays and promote a sense of personal responsibility for each;
  • Set realistic expectations with students regarding self-management skills and brainstorm ways in which to successfully carry out these expectations;
  • Create awareness and set expectations for the importance of developing effective problem solving skills;
  • Assist students with academic exploration as related to future course selection and career goals;
  • Create awareness of the importance of social skills (i.e. oral and written communication, presentation, interpersonal, etc.) with peers, faculty and administrators;
  • Foster a sense of interdependence among the students and with the members of the Baruch community;
  • Help students engage in and embrace personal identity exploration;
  • Promote leadership and civic responsibility both within and outside of the College;
  • Assist students with setting academic and personal goals that will act as a blueprint for the duration of their time at Baruch College;

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading all class discussions in conjunction with a Peer Mentor (a current Baruch College undergraduate student);
  • Maintaining a safe environment by promoting a sense of respect and courtesy within the classroom and among the students;
  • Serving as a dependable liaison with college academic support services;
  • Developing a mentoring relationship with the Peer Mentor;
  • Meeting with the Peer Mentor every week to discuss class content for the following week's session;
  • Reading and leading a discussion around the assigned Freshman text;
  • Grading and certifying rosters;
  • Attending scheduled FRO instructor support meetings to discuss class progress and any concerns that might arise.


Interested in applying? Please check back in Spring 2015 for more information.