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Baruch College seeks qualified emerging higher education professionals (of any appropriate discipline) to serve as Transfer Seminar Fellows at Baruch College during spring 2014.  Each Fellow will teach one or more sections of the Transfer Seminar (TRA 2000).

The seminar will serve as a vital gateway to a transfer student’s academic and social transition to Baruch and will be specifically tailored to address the integral needs of this unique population.  It will serve to engage transfer students, incorporate public policy issues into the College culture, and demonstrate the power of civic collaboration in overcoming challenging issues. The Transfer Seminar curriculum will be guided by a series of nonpartisan research guides produced by Public Agenda. Topics will include: addressing transfer shock, understanding the job market, practicing ethically sound behavior, developing a sense of integrity, exploring immigration, discovering tools for academic success, and grasping future directions.

These core sections will focus on and help to:

  • Develop a sense of belonging and purpose within the Baruch College community;
  • Strengthen the ability to discuss and evaluate a range of opinions on public policy issues;
  • Recognize the importance of civic engagement and personal responsibility;
  • Define and encourage academic integrity;
  • Identify the key elements of the academic and co-curricular experience at Baruch;
  • Articulate academic and career goals that will act as a blueprint for the duration of the time at Baruch;
  • Develop the skills necessary to successfully implement various academic and career objectives, including curriculum planning and job searching skills.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading all class discussions in conjunction with the Assistant Fellow;
  • Maintaining a safe environment by promoting a sense of respect and courtesy within the classroom and among the students;
  • Serving as a dependable liaison with college academic support services;
  • Developing a mentoring relationship with the Assistant Fellow;
  • Meeting with the Assistant Fellow every week to discuss class content for the following week's session;
  • Grading and certifying rosters;
  • Attending scheduled TRA Fellow support meetings to discuss class progress and any concerns that might arise.

The course will be administered over 10 sessions lasting 75 minutes each. These sessions will be facilitated by one Fellow and one Assistant Fellow. It is our hope that the Transfer Seminar will be successful in helping transfer students seamlessly transition to Baruch.

Please note the following mandatory dates:

  • Transfer Seminar Training:
    • Tuesday, January 21, 2014 (Time and Location TBD)
    • Wednesday, January 22 (9am to 5pm, Location TBD) OR
    • Thursday, January 23 (9am to 5pm, Location TBD)

*Please note that compensation in the form of a flat fee honorarium/award for the Transfer Seminar Fellow will be $500 for the semester.

** Transfer Seminar courses will be held:
Mondays, 12:50 PM–2:05 PM, 4:10 PM–5:25 PM;
Tuesdays, 9:30 AM–10:45 AM;
Wednesdays, 9:30 AM–10:45 AM, 12:50 PM–2:05 PM, 5:50 PM–7:05 PM;
Thursdays, 9:30 AM–10:45 AM, 4:10 PM–5:25 PM;
Fridays, 12:50 PM–2:05 PM


Apply to be an Transfer Seminar Fellow