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Peers Advocating Wellness Services is a peer counseling, health and wellness program where trained Baruch College students provide confidential assistance to students who request it with the support of the Baruch administration. They are also responsible for health and wellness outreach on campus. Working in PAWS gives students the opportunity to grow and develop introspectively while helping other students within the Baruch community. These peer counselors serve students who need both personal and academic assistance. PAWS counselors work directly with Baruch Health and Wellness, the Baruch Counseling Center and the office of Student Life.

PAWS Peer Counselors are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Strong Communication skills
  • Excellent Listening skills
  • Strong commitment to mental and physical health and wellness
  • The ability to serve as an informed referral source
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing with the College (at least a 2.8 GPA)

Responsibilities of a PAWS Peer Counselor include:

  • Peer counseling with one-on-one support for fellow students.
  • Working in the PAWS office and providing College and community information about mental, physical and social wellness issues.
  • Referral services for college-related concerns and questions.
  • Organizing at least 2 health and wellness related programs each semester. This should be created based on campus needs. This could include workshops on nutrition, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual responsibility, physical wellness (e.g. yoga, aerobics), etc.
  • Educate the campus community through poster and bulletin board campaigns during national awareness weeks, for e.g. National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, Safe Spring Break programs or tobacco prevention.
  • Keep up to date information on current student health and wellness concerns.