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Freshman Seminar Peer Mentors

Freshman Seminar Peer Mentors play a vital role in helping incoming freshmen adjust to the rigors of college life. They can be a major influence on a first-year student’s educational goals as well as instrumental in the successful transition of a student’s life at Baruch. While working with students in a classroom environment, Freshman Seminar leaders discuss a myriad of topics ranging from academic to personal responsibilities. They help first-year students explore factors involving adjusting to college culture, planning a course of study, selecting a career, and much more.

Freshman Seminar Peer Mentors are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of TEAM Baruch leadership training
  • Strong communication skills
  • Promising leadership abilities
  • Excellent administrative and organizational skills
  • A positive attitude and willingness to be challenged
  • Possessing good academic and disciplinary standing with the College

Responsibilities of a Freshman Seminar Peer Mentor include:

  • Exposing first year students to the diverse Baruch environment.
  • Serving as a mentor for your FRO cohort, specifically, and all freshman students
  • Assisting Freshman Seminar Instructors with in-class activities
  • Participating in all Freshman Seminar class activities including selected Enrichment Workshops and other out-of-class experiences
  • Leading selected class discussions as discussed with your Instructor
  • Meeting with the Freshman Seminar Instructor every week to review class content for the following week’s session
  • Maintaining records of student attendance and assignments
  • Developing, overseeing, and having an active presence on your class’s Blogs@Baruch and Blackboard sites
  • Assisting students with assignments and requirements both within and outside the Freshman Seminar class
  • Maintaining consistent contact with students in order to further build interpersonal relationships and communal bonding
  • Participating in Peer Mentor training, Convocation prep meeting, and Convocation Day
  • Attending bi-weekly supervision meetings
  • Frequently checking and promptly responding to e-mails sent by the Freshman Seminar staff
  • Possessing a positive and encouraging attitude towards students and fellow peer mentors both within and outside the classroom
  • Representing the Freshman Seminar program with integrity
  • Maintaining good academic standing with the College (2.8 GPA)

Student leaders have contact with students primarily in a group (class) setting with a Freshman Seminar Instructor. They are available to meet with students before and after class to discuss personal questions and concerns as well. Weekly hour long supervision sessions are required of all those who participate as student leaders. Supervision sessions provide student leaders with a supportive setting to openly discuss questions that may arise while leading a FRO class. A review of the content for the following class session is also discussed along with tips on presenting particular topics. Supervision is led by a member of the Office of Student Life.