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Graduate Student Assembly


BOARD 2013 - 2014

President: Barak Routhenstein
JD/MBA Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
Barak Routhenstein   Hi, I'm Barak Routhenstein. I am a JD/MBA student and Chairman and President of the GSA. The GSA is here for you, don't forget that. We are here to unify the graduate student body, and to help create and foster a community throughout Baruch's graduate schools. Please contact us to provide your comments, suggestions, and questions. We look forward to meeting you!
Assistant VP of External Affairs and Marketing: Richard Han
MS Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
Edmir Perdja   Richard Han serves as a board member and the VP of Marketing and External Affairs on the Graduate Student Assembly. Prior to Baruch, Richard was an entrepreneur and held positions in corporate finance. Currently, Richard is a MS student pursing a degree in Quantitative Methods & Modeling with an emphasis in Statistics.
Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer: Shlok Kamdar
MBA Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
Shlok Kamdar   Hi I am Shlok Kamdar. I am in my second semester in the Full Time MBA Program, majoring in Finance.  In my current position as the Treasurer / Chief Financial Officer for the Graduate Student Assembly, I am supervising the financial aspects of all the Graduate Clubs – like budget approvals, reimbursements etc. I also provide support to GSA leadership in identifying, obtaining, and allocating the resources needed to achieve the GSA's mission and the goals.
Assistant Treasurer: Divya Gupta
MS Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
Divya Gupta   Hello everyone, I am Divya Gupta and I serve as the Assistant Treasurer on GSA board. I am in the MS Finance program. My job is to work on financial aspects of GSA and all other Graduate Clubs.
VP of Strategic Planning and Organizational Development: James Davis
MBA Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
James Davis   I am a Part-Time MBA Student at Zicklin School of Business focusing on Management/Organizational Behavior/HR. I work with members of the GSA regarding organizational development.
Director of Special Events: Tiffany Johnson
MS Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
Tiffany Johnson   Hi! My name is Tiffany Johnson and I am currently the Director, Special Events of the GSA. I enjoy coordinating the GSA monthly socials, it is a place where we can all get together to have fun and network.  I am in my first year at Baruch in the Zicklin School of Business as a part-time student. For my studies I am concentrating on Marketing and International Business. I would like to pursue a career in entertainment. If you see me on campus please say hello!
VP of Professional Development: Alejandra Villanueva
MPA Candidate, School of Public Affairs
Alejandra Villanueva   Alejandra Villanueva is a second year MPA candidate at the School of Public Affairs.  With a background and BBA in Economics and International Business, she hopes to join the public sector and focus on economic and community development of communities in need.
Board Secretary: Jiayuan Li
MS Candidate, Zicklin School of Business
Jiayuan Li   Jiayuan Li is the first year graduate student in the Master of Science in Accountancy program at Baruch College. As the Secretary of Graduate Student Assembly, she works closely with President to oversee all Baruch graduate clubs. For future, she is looking along the line of being a CPA and would like to pursue a career in Audits, Taxation or Finance Analysis.


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