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Undergraduate Student Government,

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the official representative organization of both the day and evening undergraduate students.


Elisabeth GreenbergAvi Atkins
I realized by my first week at Baruch, that if i truly wanted to grow and be more than a commuter student, I'd have to make the leap from my freshman seminar group into club life. My journey has brought me to a number of leadership roles, including President of Hillel as well as the USG Board of Directors. During that time, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible selflessness and work ethic Baruch students are capable of, and I've seen the pitfalls many students struggle with.

We believe that by addressing key issues, Baruch is destined to reach new heights. Our team is dedicated to making the most of our four short years here by placing career development and long-term success as our top priority. Let's create a true campus community by finding unity through our diversity. Let's rise together. Let's Lift Baruch.
Executive Vice President
Michael LaiMichael Lai
My name is Michael Lai, and I am running for Executive Vice President of USG with Lift Baruch. During my freshman year, I was a typical commuter student like the most of the students at Baruch. Taking the first step was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. I decided to join Lexicon, and then become the Director of Photography while seeing active students’ diverse lives behind the camera. During my tenure at Lexicon, I believed that commuter students should have a chance to be in front of the camera therefore I created a project called Humans of Baruch. After gaining leadership experience from the organizations mentioned and also the Taiwanese Student Association, I know I am ready to take the next step to bring better changes to the Baruch community with my fellow teammates. We all joined this team with the same goals, to lift opportunities, to lift spirits, and to Lift Baruch!
Robert GozdzRobert Gozdz
I am really excited to share that I, Robert Gozdz, am running for Treasurer of Baruch’s Undergraduate Student Government under the “Lift Baruch” platform. I believe that the experiences I have gained from my freshman year all the way to my current junior year have helped prepare me for this amazing role. I have been and am active in many student organizations and programs within Baruch, such as Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society, Investment Management Group, and the Financial Leadership Program, just to name a few. Being Treasurer of Sigma taught me many essential skills and processes that I can transfer to my role as Treasurer of USG. As Treasurer of Sigma, I helped many members from our honor society, as well as, people outside the student organization at our events open to the public. Now, I want to continue to help out to a much greater extent than before, involving everyone at Baruch College. When I become Treasurer of USG, I promise to put my best foot forward and make the process of reimbursements, appeals, answering questions, and any other budget and finance related processes as easy and as efficient as possible for all the club leaders and members.
Nina ThomasNina Thomas
My name is Nina Thomas and I am running for the position of Secretary for the Undergraduate Student Government. I am currently a junior in college. I first came to Baruch College skeptical about the college experience I would have. However, nearly 2 ½ years later, I love Baruch and I wouldn’t want to attend any other college. During my time at Baruch I’ve had the opportunity to grow in so many ways through leadership.  I am the Large Group coordinator for InterVarsity Christian fellowship (IVCF), this means I plan the weekly meetings geared at engaging Baruch students for IVCF. This past semester I coordinated the Price of Life campaign. Although I love Baruch, I see so much room for growth. This is why I choose to run for this position. Our platform is focused on lifting opportunities and lifting spirits. These are two things that are integral for Baruch College students. Many students spend their 4 (or sometimes 5) years at Baruch College rushing to get their degree. Given the opportunity to serve in leadership I would hope to use the leadership experience I’ve acquired to help create a better learning and social environment for students.
Vice Presidential Senators
Robin ChowRobin Chow (Academic Affairs)
My name is Robin Chow; I am running as a Vice President of Academic Affairs for Lift Baruch. I am currently a junior majoring in International Business, minoring in Marketing and Japanese. As a Baruch student, I value the unique cultural diversity we share on this campus, and I wish to further enrich the college experience for every student on the campus by providing a voice for them. I hope to achieve this by initiating interactions between students, student clubs, and the student government, to ensure that their voices will be heard. As a current leader in a cultural club, I would also like to create an enjoyable atmosphere for students coming from diverse cultural background. In this case, not only will students from different backgrounds feel at home, but every student will also have the opportunity to learn the appreciation of cultural diversity.
Sebastian FrancoSebastian Franco (Legislative Affairs)
My name is Sebastian Franco and I would like to represent my school as VP of Legislative affairs and USS Senator. Baruch is a community made up of all races, religions, creeds, and income levels; however within the beauty of our diversity we have common threads that hold us together as a school community. One of the major ties is being affected by the local city and state governments. They affect our tuition, scholarship, funding, and overall student life. I want to use my experience to serve the community. The entire purpose of student government is to serve those around you. We truly are all entering the same mutual struggles of anything from loan payments to a low job market. We can push and lobby to enact policy and push our local governments to ease the burden on the students. If given the privilege, honor, and responsibility to serve my fellow student I promise to work every day to truly change this school and city for the better.
Mariam AnuashviliMariam Anuashvili (Student Services)
My name is Mariam Anuashvili and it is with pleasure that I declare my candidacy for the position of Vice Presidential Senator for Student Services with Lift Baruch. As a recent transfer student in my sophomore year, I entered Baruch College with a desire to get involved in the student life and contribute to the inner workings of what makes Baruch exceptional. I have remained true to that initial enthusiasm and have since gotten involved in the club life and various school-run programs. Having experienced strong involvement in the school’s student life and interacted with many ambitious students and student leaders, I have come to not only have a strong appreciation and attachment to Baruch, but also a desire to help foster change for the betterment of some of its flaws. If elected, I hope to bring a fresh set of ideas and presence in the Undergraduate Student Government and to the student body.
Representative Senators
Mosammet AktharMosammet Akthar
My name is Mosammet Akthar, I am a sophomore majoring in Finance. I am proud to share with you guys that I will be running for Representative Senator for the 2014-2015 school year. As an e-board member of Bollywood Jalwa and a active member of Bangladesh Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Woman in Islam, and South Asian Student Association I came across students who felt that the school needed much more improvement to take place such as a better social environment, a need for more lounges for students to relax at, and mostly more cultural interactions. If elected, I plan to work together with clubs to find out how we can make them better, stronger, and much more efficient.
Brian BermanBrian Berman
My name is Brian Berman and I am running for a position as Senator in USG. I have been involved in leadership since my freshman year here. I am currently President of B.O.S.S. (Baruch’s Russian club), I have been V.P. of Marketing for Baruch’s Hillel Club, and I am a producer for Baruch College’s WBMB radio station. My involvement at Baruch revolves around cultural leadership, and I thoroughly enjoy studying this campus’s spectrum of cultural backgrounds. I do this to encourage cohesion and community on our commuter campus where social interaction is fleeting. I am running for Senator of USG in order to serve as a leader for inter-club and intercultural affairs, so that this campus can operate in harmony.
Lynda HoungLynda Houng
My name is Lynda Houng and I am a junior marketing major in the Macaulay Honors program. I am currently the Vice President of Phi Eta Sigma and was a member of the Baruch Athletic Dance Team (the Baruchettes). I am running for USG because I want to change people’s perception about Baruch and improve its reputation. It is time to rebrand Baruch professionally and socially. If elected as Representative Senator, I will work with my fellow Lift Baruch teammates to increase awareness and opportunity at Baruch. I will bring events that will help you network and develop your careers, make you enjoy your college years, and give back to the community. I am confident that I can make a better impact by lifting Baruch.
Mana KanatsuMana Kanatsu
Hello Baruch College, my name is Mana Kanatsu and I am a junior majoring in finance. I am happy to inform you that I am running for Representative Senator of Lift Baruch. I am currently involved in two leadership roles on campus: 1) President of Absolute Adrenaline, and 2) Representative of Athletics Board in USG. These two roles have widened my on-campus network and have also enabled me to positively impact the Baruch Community. The main reason I am running for this year’s USG election is to continue my involvement with USG; this time to take on a bigger role and to cooperate with my team to set an unforgettable milestone in Baruch history. I am willing to hear out students’ opinions on their campus life and integrate their ideas into our platform so that we could create a satisfying student-centered community. Looking forward to meeting you all!
Allen MeyerovichAllen Meyerovich
The reason I am running for Representative Senator of USG is to improve Baruch College for all of its students. I am currently a Representative Senator of USG so I already know the responsibility it takes. I went to the Black, Puerto Rican, and Hispanic Caucus Conference in Albany and I was able to lobby Baruch College’s affluent environment. I like to take initiative when it comes to throws events when it comes to planning them and executing them. I will fully support and encourage other clubs on campus to throw more events to benefit the Baruch Community. I am really active club member in Baruch College and I would like to show other students how much more they can benefit from joining clubs and participating in events on campus. I want to create additional opportunities for the students of Baruch College. Finally, I am looking to make the Baruch College experience exponentially better for the average student.
Lily PanLily Pan
My name is Lily Pan, currently a freshman here at Baruch with a prospective major in marketing. Although it has only been my first year here at Baruch, being a part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has impacted my life here in more ways than simply being a student. The reason why I’m passionate about being a Representative Senator is that I want to make a positive change in the lives of thousands of students, especially lowerclassmen who need mentorship and guidance. Getting a head start and finding the right support network within Baruch is important to success, and I’d like to help students find their right track.
Daniel PerezDaniel Perez
My name is Daniel Perez a junior here at Baruch College. I am currently the Vice President for The Beta Beta chapter of Lambda Upsilon Lambda, and the Event Coordinator for both ASEDOM and HFC (Health and Fitness Club). I am running for Senator Representative for several reasons. The first would be that I feel there is a lack of representation and unity for Greek organizations along with a disconnect from the Student Life faculty and the organizations that make up a significant amount of Student Life in and outside of Baruch. Secondly would be that I feel Baruch, its clubs, its events, and the atmosphere have so much potential to be a school that can have a campus life that not only enriches and excites the students, but other college students and even possible new college students. I want to be a part of Lifting Baruch’s student life to a place it’s never been before and am excited to do so.
Alessandra RaoAlessandra Rao
Mayank SunejaMayank Suneja
My name is Mayank Suneja and I am a junior majoring in Finance & Investments at the Zicklin Honors Undergraduate School of Business at Baruch. I am running for the position of Representative Senator for the team Lift Baruch. Throughout my years at Baruch, I have been part of Sigma Alpha Delta Honors Society, Zicklin Honors Undergraduate Program and South Asian Student Association. Last semester, I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany and had a wonderful experience. I want to run for USG because of my passion for excelling in a diverse and challenging environment. I have a lot of respect for Baruch College and want to do as much as I can to give back and try to make a change for the students that attend Baruch. I believe that Baruch has a lot more to offer than the reputation it holds of being a ‘commuter’ school.
Semyon ToybisSemyon Toybis
My name is Semyon Toybis (most people know me as Simon) and I am currently a junior at Baruch College running for Representative Senator with Lift Baruch. Baruch has given me a lot in my time here, from new knowledge and friends to job opportunities. I want to give back to my school and fellow students by working with my peers and the administration to increase the opportunities offered to the student body. More and more people now see Baruch not as just a commuter school, but as a vibrant community and it is important that we keep this trend going. I will give my all to make sure that student life on campus is thriving. I look forward to working with my peers to lift Baruch to new heights.
Clark VillalvaClark Villalva
My name is Clark Villalva, I am currently a senior, and I will be running for Representative Senator for Lift Baruch. I am currently the President of The Beta Beta Chapter of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. I am running for the Undergraduate Student Government because I want to be more involved on campus. As my college career comes to an end I'd like to put my full efforts in making it as memorable of an experience as possible. I feel like I could bring new life to Baruch with the many ideas I have and the personality I carry myself with. I'm not just a social person that walks around with a smile on; I too bring forth a strong work ethic and hope to show that in this coming election.
Nick Zehnder Nick Zehnder
My name is Nick Zehnder, and I've been a student here at Baruch since Fall of 2012. Unlike many other students, however, I was already 24 when I started college, having taken several years off to serve in the military. My current interests include politics, netflix spy drama, and generally being awesome. In the future, I hope to finally earn my degree, and use it to springboard me towards a career in which I can help to change the world in a positive direction.
University Student Senate Delegate
Jean BoudaJean Bouda
My name is Jean Bouda. I am a junior student majoring in accountancy with double minors in Economics and Political Science at Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College. I understand that the Undergraduate Student Government is one of the many student organizations that advocate for Students’ Rights, Peace and Unity. As a current University Student Senate Alternate Representative and Vice President of African Student Association of Baruch, I have learned the most important issues affecting our fellow students’ life and what it takes to help them effectively. Through my experience as a student, my interactions in club life and in CUNY-wide, I recognize that economic, education. etc. is some issues concerning our students. I want to represent students on those issues by becoming an elected member of USG and this is why I am running to be a University Student Senate representative and a Faculty/Student Disciplinary Board member. If elected, I hope to complete my duties of those positions as well as serve on the various committees of USG. I am convinced that students themselves are the best advocacy resource available at hand to bring “integrity” and “dignity” to our USG at Baruch. The team I am running with is lift Baruch.
Sebastian FrancoSebastian Franco
(see above)
University Student Senate Alternate Delegate
Elisabeth GreenbergAvi Atkins
(see above)
Selina YasinSelina Yasin
Athletic Board
Ernest EsparzaErnest Esparza
Good Afternoon, My name is Ernest Esparza. I am currently a junior and I will be running for community service chair for Lift Baruch. I am currently apart of the Mexi-Culture executive board as the community service leader. I am currently working on setting up a community service day with an organization called Mano A Mano, which is a non-profit organization catered to helping out Mexicans with clothing and food in the New York City region. Community service is something I love partaking in. Whether it is in my neighborhood, church, or with clubs at Baruch, community service is something I am extremely passionate about. I would love to expand my community service role and extend my passionate for it through Lift Baruch. Through the connections I have made throughout the years, my goal is to set up at least two community service trips, one in the fall semester and one in the spring. I am excited for the up and coming elections!
Raphael Gelfinbein Raphael Gelfinbein
My name is Raphael Gelfinbein and I'm a junior at Baruch running for the Athletic Board for the 2014-15 Undergraduate Student Government. Since freshman year I was involved in the Hillel at Baruch. Late in my freshman year bleeding into my sophomore year me and a few dedicated friends decided to start our own club at Baruch College. It was a difficult process but, it was also really rewarding to get the Organization of Soviet Students at Baruch (B.O.S.S.) started and bring a Russian culture club into Baruch. It's been an incredible journey over the last year, starting from nothing to hosting events with 50+ people! In my senior year I'd like to be part of something bigger than myself and to contribute more to Baruch's student life. USG and the Athletic Board will be a great vehicle to drive higher student engagement and introduce fun new programming.
Gabriel Whelan Gabriel Whelan
My name is Gabriel Whelan, I am a junior at Baruch and I am excited to be running for the position of Athletics Board for Lift Baruch! As an athlete I know the influence sports have in building strong community. My goal for the athletics board is to engage the entire student body of Baruch through athletic events and competitions. Engaging the students of Baruch will change the commuter atmosphere and give many students a sense of school spirit! Hopefully athletics will be a way to get everyone involved at school and bring some fun into going to school. Give it the old college try.
Board of Directors - Auxiliary Enterprises Corp.
Pongsathorn Muangchan Pongsathorn Muangchan
I’m Pongsathorn Muangchan, aka Pong. I’m part of the class of 2015 and running for the Board of Directors, Auxiliary Enterprise. As a marketing major, I believe I can effectively communicate the ideas and goals of this team to the student population. I’m running for USG because I’m motivated by Avi’s dedication to togetherness and unity. During my first 2 years of Baruch, I was extremely apathetic to the well-being of the school. It was only last Spring when I started to realize how fun it is to be part of student life, organizing events, and being a leader. My leadership began last semester when I was drawn to the outdoors adventuring club Absolute Adrenaline, where I currently serve as Secretary. I’m also co-chair of social media for Advertising Design Society (ADS), where I provide daily updates on both marketing/advertising-related opportunities and school events. This year, there’s nowhere to go but up. We want more students engaged in student life. We can do this. We can bring everyone together.
Dmitriy NabedrikDmitriy Nabedrik
Running as a candidate in the upcoming elections was a very spontaneous decision and one that I have put a lot of thought into. I have been working at a college in a IT position for quite a few years now, and I have had the pleasure of working with some executives on a few interesting projects for the school. And I feel that I can bring some of that expertise and knowledge to Baruch and help the student body become more engaged with their school. Technology has become a huge part of our life and I strongly believe that it can be a big help in the classroom as well as outside of it. I am also proud to say that I have developed a vast network of colleagues and fellow students that helped me see the various problems that Baruch can face in the upcoming years. It is my understanding that looking into the future is what got Baruch the much-deserved reputation it carries, however that needn’t to stop. I understand it is a big commitment and honor to be part of the most diverse student government and I will hope to live up to those expectations if and when I, and my team are elected.
Divya Prajapati Divya Prajapati
My name is Divya Prajapati and I am running for the position of Board of Directors – Auxiliary Enterprises Corp. I am a transfer student from Pratt Institute and I am currently in my second semester her at Baruch College. I am planning on double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. The clubs I am currently affiliated with are Transfer Student Organization and the Student Services Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government. Previously in high school, I was involved with Key Club, in which I was the vice president, and Model UN. I came to Baruch College for fresh start, or a new beginning. I was previously majoring in architecture, but I came to realize that that was not the path for me. I found a passion in politics and psychology and I wanted to pursue that, so I felt that Baruch was the best suitable choice. Once I became a part of the Baruch community, I immediately got involved. I went to Leadership Weekend 2013 and Adventure Weekend 2013. Because of these trips, I was introduced to TSO and I have attended and participated in many events. I want to give back to this school, and I feel that the perfect way to do so is by joining the Undergraduate Student Government to make Baruch College a better school and create a fun and enriching environment for all students.
Board of Directors - Baruch College Association, Inc.
Saad AhmedSaad Ahmed
My name is Saad Ahmed. I am currently the Secretary of the Baruch Accounting Society. I was a transfer student from Nassau Community College, and like many transfer students I did not know a single person. Many students tend to stay in their comfort zone, however instead of building walls I've decided to build bridges. I understand you are looking for people who are highly conceived, sophisticated, intellectual, and admired on campus. Hence why I feel like I am fit for the position. With the collective effort of our team being assembled not only will we have a powerful voice, we will have the ability to make tremendous impact. The impact I am trying to make is to properly equip our students for the workforce outside. I want them to enjoy their time here at Baruch but at the same time be ready for anything when they graduate. With this position I feel like I can attain the "Level five leadership stage." According to the successful John C. Maxwell level five leadership(highest of all stages) is the ability to direct your followers into being successful leaders themselves. I want to build a proper foundation for Baruch students to attain that success.
Viral Shah Viral Shah
My name is Viral Shah and I am running for the Board of Directors for the Undergraduate Student Government. The day I came to Baruch I wanted to get involved in club life thereby helping out to explore myself as I was new to this country. I always wanted to give something back to school thereby helping out my fellow students who are just as new as I was few years back. Hence there would be no better platform than USG itself to make a difference. If elected as the Board of Director, I will be devoted to fulfill my responsibilities as a member of the Board of Directors, and also see through the incredible goals that my fellow USG members will have set forth.
Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith
My name is Jennifer Smith and I am running for the Board of Directors, Baruch College Association with Lift Baruch. I am a junior majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications. In the past couple of years, I have been actively involved in student organizations. Last year, I servers as the Events Coordinator for Women in Business, and currently I am the Secretary of Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society. From my past leadership experiences, I believe that I can greatly benefit USG, and help implement the vision that we have for Baruch. Lift Baruch wants to revolutionize the opportunities available for the student body, and create a better Baruch. I am excited about this opportunity of serving on the Board of Directors of USG.
Nihan Syed Nihan Syed
My name is Nihan Syed and I am excited to announce that I am running for Board of Directors - Baruch College Association of Undergraduate Student Government with Lift Baruch. I am a sophomore majoring in Accounting and currently the Vice President of Events for Golden Key International Honor Society. My past two years at Baruch College have been rewarding and I hope to utilize my experiences to enhance the quality of student life through improved communication between students, professors, administrators and other stakeholders. If elected, I will work diligently to improve every student's collegiate experience through my position on the Board of Directors, as well as aid my fellow USG members in achieving the brilliant goals they are anticipating for our College.
Communications Board
Alessandra LiculAlessandra Licul
I am running for the Communications Board because I feel I have something to offer to the position. As president of New York Music Industry Association here at Baruch I have experience in creating and developing different creative events and ideas for students and then actualizing them into reality. I want to make a stronger artistic, musical and cultural presence in this school a reality. As I do in NYMIA every week, I will bring music and art based events and a creative energy to USG to get Baruch students more involved in this underdeveloped area of our student body. The presence of the arts at Baruch is limited at best. If given the opportunity, I will change that in a way that we can all benefit from.
Geetanjali MeghanGeetanjali Meghan
My name is Geetanjali Meghan and I am excited to be running as a candidate for Undergraduate Student Government’s Communications Board. Communication is a basic necessity and crucial aspect in developing a strong team and fostering relationships with others. I would like the opportunity to help enrich the Baruch community by strengthening communication amongst students, clubs, and organizations. Being a part of USG will enable me to better support, promote and collaborate with Baruch’s thriving student body life. As well, I want to help ensure that the various facilities and resources offered at the college are made known to all students alike. My purpose in running for USG is to take on these new challenges while being able to enhance my leadership abilities. I also hope to give back to the community that has nourished me well throughout the years. By establishing a stronger means of communication, it will not only create a more stable and enjoyable environment, but a more fruitful and rewarding experience for all.
Nuzhat Shorna Nuzhat Shorna
My name is Nuzhat Shorna. I’m part of class of 2015, currently attending Baruch College as an upper Junior. I’m running for a position on the Communications Board for USG. In my time at Baruch, I have learned how to develop and harness my leadership skills. I have joined countless clubs, including Beta Phi Sigma sorority, Vietnamese Student Association, Advertising Design Society, and Pre-Law Society. Taking part in the student life activities here forced me to step up. I’ve learned the value of time as I’ve had to manage juggling work, extracurricular, and school. I’ve maintained a decent GPA while acquiring all of these skills. I wish to run for USG because I believe in Lift Baruch’s mission. Baruch gave me the courage to lift myself to become a better version of me. I would love to give back and do the same for another student. Since 2011, I’ve honed my social and professional skills. I admire Avi and everything he wants to do for this school. I want to help the students rise to the occasion and soar the skies.
Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee
Jean BoudaJean Bouda
(see above)
Anjelica MantikasAnjelica Mantikas
My name is Anjelica Mantikas. I am a junior in the School of Public Affairs at Baruch. My major is Public Affairs and my minor is Spanish. Currently I am the marketing director for Pre Law Society and a fellow of Hillel's Ask Big Questions. I am participating in USG because I want to create a more connected Baruch community. Although I live in the dorms, I consider myself a commuter as well. I hope to help change the attitudes of Baruch students and create an environment for networking and growth.
Alexandra Perez Alexandra Perez
My name is Alexandra Perez and I am a second semester junior (Class of 2015) at Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business. I will be running for a position in the Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee. Currently, I am the Marketing/Promotions Director of WBMB Baruch College Radio and wish to run for USG so that I can be more involved campus wide. This position is a great fit for me as I have an outstanding record both in school and outside of school. I have a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is not. If I am given the chance to run for this position, it will allow me to demonstrate and expand upon my skill set and knowledge.
Health Advisory Board
Ramsha SuhailRamsha Suhail
I, Ramsha Suhail, am very excited to be running for the Health Advisory Board under the platform of "Lift Baruch". I imagine that my previous experience on Sigma Alpha Delta and writing for the Ticker, as well as my psychology major and corporate communications minor, will definitely aid me in making a difference in the Baruch Community. My current leadership role in Sigma Alpha Delta will help me fulfill my desire to make an impact on a larger scale in the student government and to give back to the school that has served me so well. I promise to take everything as seriously as I would want myself to be taken.
Student Building Fund Committee
Maham IftikharMaham Iftikhar
My name is Maham Iftikhar. As an active member of the Baruch community, I fully understand how important it is for us to be part of the Baruch clubs while keeping up with your academics. That these friendships made through extra curricular activities, will last a life time. I want to ensure that all clubs get the proper funding they deserve and help other members in our community get the proper accommodations they need. This community is fundamental to the lives and the everyday actions of each and every student. Many will forever be changed by the experiences they feel here in Baruch. I want to run for office to help amek those experiences as grand as possible.
Mujeeb ShinwaMujeeb Shinwa
Hi my name is Mujeeb Shinwa and I am running for Student Building Fund Committee with Lift Baruch. I want to run for USG because I think it's a great way for me to meet different people. I think it will be a great way for me to help those that are not as active in school. When I was a freshman, I was not active in any organization, but once I became more involved with Beta Alpha Psi, I realized how great college experience can be, and I want to be able to guide students towards the same experience. I hope to build great relationships among students in the campus and establish a positive campus experience with my fellow teammates.
Student Center Board
Risa Colander Risa Colander
Hello my name is Risa Colander. I am a freshman here at Baruch. I am running for a position within the student center board committee. I am apart of VSA, as freshman representative and am also active within the Welcome Center. I am running for this position because I believe that activity within the school makes the college experience. I've greatly enjoyed the beginning of my college career and want my fellow students to garner the same experience.
Nicole SegalNicole Segal
My name is Nicole Segal and I currently a junior at Baruch College. With the various leadership experiences that I have gained throughout my time at Baruch College, it would be an honor to represent my school as the Student Center Board. After serving as the treasurer of Pre-Law Society, the secretary of the Baruch Organization of Soviet Students, and a Peer Network Engagement Intern for Hillel at Baruch, it would be a privilege to employ the skills I have gained to help make our school a better place. Baruch is a commuter school and unfortunately not all of the students participate in student life , which consequently results in fewer students getting involved and voicing their opinions regarding any major concerns and issues that they might have.  With the vast population that attends Baruch, it is vital that the voices of the students are heard. Working with my fellow team members, I believe that we can make a difference and adequately represent the student body of our school. If elected for the position of Student Center Board, I will take full responsibility and dedicate myself to making long lasting and positive changes at Baruch College.
Student Media Council
Malika Rose AbdussalaamJoshua J. Altamirano
Being enthusiastically involved in campus life at Baruch has led me to try to expand my leadership involvement. I want to continue giving back to the college so that the students feel a real benefit. Running to be elected as a Student Media Council Member with the Lift Baruch team, I promise to always work with the best interest of the students in mind and to represent the student body properly. This past year I have served as the Vice President of Marketing for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Society (G.L.A.S.S.) and have truly enjoyed meeting many of the people involved in our various student organizations and hope to continue my work with this Council position.
Johnny LiJohnny Li
My name is Johnny Li and I’m proud to announce my candidacy for Student Media Council for Lift Baruch. I am currently a junior at Baruch College majoring in Operational Management. I transferred into Baruch in the Fall of 2011 and I remember having a difficult time adapting to the new environment at Baruch. Once my second semester at Baruch came along, I became more active on campus by joining various clubs like the United Chinese Language Association and Alpha Phi Omega. By being a part of Lift Baruch, I feel that my teammates and I can improve the student body and give back to the institution as well as to the people who have, to this day, continue to help me grow as a student leader.
Student Programming Board
Alfijah RahmanAlfijah Rahman
I am a transfer student from Bard High School Early College. If I learned one thing from my attendance at Bard, it is that every student should utilize their resources. Having earned my associates degree at age 17, I know for a fact that college is not about passing and earning a degree. College is about growing. Through my position and through this campaign I want to reach out to students at Baruch. I would like for students to feel content with their achievements. This college already does a great job with providing a variety of clubs that students can join, and that help them to grow as individuals. However, I want each student at Baruch to graduate with not only a degree but a sense of pride in who they are as an individuals. Sometimes we each get caught up in competition and classes that we forget that these years are the years during which we will find our purpose in life. I want students to give back to others in their communities. It is essentially about giving back and putting a smile on someone else’s face. Achievement is more than getting a job at a top firm, it is about becoming a better, and well-rounded individual. That is what I want for Baruch.
Selina YasinSelina Yasin
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