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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
11:00 AM & 3:30 PM
Madison Square Garden


Download complete commencement information (PDF)


How long is the ceremony?
The ceremony is expected to run approximately 3 hours. Candidates for degrees will receive additional information on the academic procession and the ceremony at the time of cap and gown distribution.

What if I or my guest has a disability?
If you, the candidate, require accommodations due to a disability, please make sure to fill out the disabilities section of the Commencement Student Order Form. If your guest(s) has a disability, please indicate that on the form so that we can arrange for suitable seating.

Note: If the ceremony is held in the Arena, guest seating is assigned by ticket number. Therefore, it is very important that you indicate your guest's disability on the form, as we cannot guarantee suitable seating once tickets have been distributed.

Will I get my diploma the same day?
Diplomas are not presented during the Commencement Exercise.  Each candidate for graduation should confirm that the Registrar’s office (151 East 25th Street, Room 850) has his/her correct address on file.  Upon receipt of notice of graduation (which accompanies the official transcript), candidates may then pick up their diploma at the Registrar’s Office.

What information should I give my guests?
Candidates should make sure that their guests are aware of the following:

Entrance: Guests will enter Madison Square Garden through the Seventh Avenue Entrance.

Madison Square Garden is accessible to people with disabilities.  Special instructions regarding seating areas for the disabled will be provided at the time of ticket distribution.

Seating: Tickets for commencement are numbered and you will receive specific seat assignments on your tickets if the ceremony is held in the Arena. If the ceremony is held in the Theater, there is no reserved seating; guests will not be permitted to reserve seats for late arrivals. Ushers will seat guests in any unoccupied seats as needed.

Guests with Disabilities: Guests with disabilities will enter Madison Square Garden through the main entrance. Participants who indicate that their guests are in wheelchairs, mobility impaired, or hearing impaired will be seated in sections that can accommodate their disability.

Courtesy: Guests are requested not to block the line of march or to obstruct the view of others.

Photographs: To provide graduates and their guests with memorable photo opportunities, a number of backdrop banners will be set up.  Additionally, since all participating graduates will own their caps and gowns, you are free to pose for family and friends whenever and wherever you choose.

Children: Children under five years of age frequently become bored during the ceremony, therefore, we urge that children under five years of age do not attend the Commencement Exercises. Like all guests, children must have a ticket to attend the ceremony.

Madison Square Garden:  Madison Square Garden management have asked us to remind all graduates and their guests that smoking or the carrying of food and/or beverages of any kind into The Garden is strictly prohibited. Additionally, once guests have entered Madison Square Garden, should you choose to leave, you will not be permitted reentry.


The Academic Procession

Photo Name Cards: Degree candidates will be given name cards as you enter The Garden. These cards need to be completed prior to the start of the procession. The cards will be used when you are photographed in the procession as you prepare to march into the ceremony.

Graduates with Disabilities: Degree candidates who have indicated they have difficulty using stairs will receive additional instructions during Cap & Gown and Guest Ticket Distribution. Candidates with disabilities will be seated in specific sections to accommodate their disability.

The Graduation Ceremony

Sitting with a Friend:  While this is not a guarantee, if you wish to sit beside a friend, be sure to march directly behind or in front of that person.

Sitting & Standing:  As you reach your designated seat, you may be seated. Later, at the Chief Marshal’s request, you will stand for the singing of the National Anthem and at the end of the ceremony for the Baruch Alma Mater. Candidates will stand when being presented by the respective Dean of their school. At the conclusion of the presentation by each of the Deans, all candidates will be asked by the Chief Marshal to stand together for the conferral of degrees by the President.

Caps and Hoods:  Caps should be worn throughout the ceremonies, except that men should remove their caps during the National Anthem and Alma Mater. Candidates must wear their hoods.

Cap Tassels:  Cap tassels are worn on the right until the degrees are conferred, then switched to the left upon conferral by the President.

The Recessional

Order of Departure:  Upon conclusion of the ceremony, the Presidential Party and faculty will leave the stage. As soon as they have left the area, the Chief Marshal will declare that the exercises are officially over. There will be no formal recessional for graduates.

Plan Ahead: Because the area is large and there will a large number of guests and graduates, you are urged to make plans with parents and friends about where to meet at the end of the ceremony.


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Contact the Office of Student Life, One Bernard Baruch Way, Room 2-210, 646-312-4550.