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All club descriptions are written by the clubs themselves.

ABSOLUTE ADRENALINE is an undergraduate student club designed to support Baruch students getting into the habit of creating a healthy, fun, and active lifestyle for themselves and those around them. It is very important to exercise and be active. Therefore, AA is perfect for those who want to do more than just lift weights and do cardio in the fitness gym. Our club is unique in that it organizes and promotes plenty of outdoor activities that are not only social but adventurous. Absolute Adrenaline is dedicated to creating a dynamic, fun, and educational program for our fellow Baruch students that will challenge them not only physically but mentally.

The ACCOUNTING SOCIETY give students a chance to learn more about the aspects of accounting as a career. The society brings in speakers and recruiters from various big accounting firms to connect with the students as well as provide insight on the professional world. We are open to students of all ethnicity, academic standings, and majors and are striving daily to help students jump start their professional career.

The ACTUARIAL SCIENCE SOCIETY promotes Actuarial Science in the Baruch College Community by providing students with information on all aspects of the field and sponsoring lectures and workshops. Moreover, the club serves as a medium for students interested in forming study groups for actuarial exams.

ADVERTISING DESIGN SOCIETY (Ads) communicates to students, not only through language and words, but through art, passion, and a diverse collection of creative vision. We want to show students that their careers do not necessarily have to equate to punching in numbers or complete isolation within a cubicle, but an occupation that fosters free thinking, free experimentation, and, more importantly, free expression through designs encapsulating both individual and group attention.

The AFRICAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF BARUCH (ASAB) is a student organization that represents, unifies and empowers students of African descent. This association vitalizes the academic and professional experiences of members; promotes an informed understanding of Africa; foster and intensify meaningful alliances expanded beyond the Baruch college community while making a tangible difference through community engagements.

AIESEC (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STUDENTS IN ECONOMICS AND COMMERCIAL SCIENCES) is a group of business students who can be effective in various national and international environments and develop their management, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills.

No club description available at this time.

The purpose of this organization shall be to assist in the development of students interested in business, and to create an atmosphere where students can socialize, network, and contribute to the further development and continuing growth of the business world.

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-educational fraternity focusing on service. This includes bettering our nation, community, campus, and our fraternity as a whole. Members are empowered to develop leadership skills through service, while fostering life-long bonds. We offer local volunteer opportunities to Baruch students that vary from assisting at soup kitchens for churches, participating at after school programs, painting murals, and so much more. We also offer a wide range of leadership development seminars, and networking opportunities. Take a stand; strive to be a part of the change that will better our community, while developing yourself.

No club description available at this time.

The mission of ASCEND is to continually influence and encourage the development of finance, accounting and business professionals and students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the finance, accounting and related business fields. Ascend-Baruch is an extension of the parent organization with the goal of creating a collegiate level network. Membership to join the national parent organization is optional and the dues are to paid directly to them. Membership in the national organization is not required to become a member of Ascend-Baruch.

No club description available at this time.

ASEDOM (ASSOCIATION ESTUDIANTE DOMINICANO) is an organization based on accommodating Dominican students to the best of their needs, by not discriminating other cultures. ASEDOM not only offers educational and social help for Dominican students, but to everyone who wants to come and join an animated crowd full of fun and laughter.

ALPFA Baruch Chapter (formerly Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting) provides many programs and benefits to aspiring students interested in accounting, finance or related career professions. Benefits of student membership include access to scholarship opportunities, skills development workshops, networking with key hiring professionals and sponsors, and discounts on various ALPFA events.

The BANGLADESH STUDENT ASSOCIATION's purpose is to further the aims of the Bangladeshi-American and Bangladeshi students of Baruch College in presenting to the College a group of intellectual, rational and socially aware students interested in upholding the highest traditions of human ideals, endeavor and philanthropy.

BETA ALPHA PSI is a national honor society and business fraternity that recognizes scholastic and professional excellence among undergraduate and graduate students majoring in accounting, finance and computer Information systems. BAP seeks to promote the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems as well as provide opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals. BAP complements members' formal education by providing them with a unique opportunity to network with professionals from the industry. This allows members to gauge the current trends and position themselves appropriately to cater to the needs of the marketplace. A minimum overall GPA of 3.5 and 12 credits earned at Baruch are required. The lifetime membership fee is $105. Please visit our Web site,, or email us at for additional information.

The BIO-MED SOCIETY is an organization composed of natural science majors, future healthcare professionals, and those interested in science.

The purpose of the BLACK STUDENT UNION (BSU) shall be to enhance the quality of life for undergraduate students of the African Diaspora at Baruch College through a centralized, campus-wide organizational structure that addresses their academic, social, political and mental needs and concerns. BSU seeks to act as a support mechanism that will assist students in becoming acclimated to our college. Further, BSU shall act as their advocate, lobbyists and political voice campus-wide.

No club description available at this time.

The CARIBBEAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION aims to promote political and cultural awareness among all Caribbean students. CSA hopes that student awareness will serve to engender a general cultural and social awakening for all the people of the Caribbean, and that this will facilitate political and economic unity, progress and development in the Caribbean.

No club description available at this time.

The purpose of the CHINESE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is to witness to the students of Baruch College about the Word of God and to provide a comfortable environment for Christians within the campus. Chinese Christian Fellowship has different programs every week. The programs include Games, Discussion/sharing, Singing, Guest Speaker, Bible Studies, and Workshops. Our goal is to bring Chinese people from different background to a place where they can share a common belief, which is Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

The COLLEGIATE ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS recognizes the potential within each member of our team. Our mission is to provide young women with the skills, resources, motivation, and training necessary to become successful leaders in the business world. We seek to empower our members, inspire them to undertake challenges and encourage them to develop both personal and professional. For more information please visit or email us at

The Conversation Partners program (CPP) matches native and nonnative speakers of English for informal conversations. The program is designed to help nonnative students gain confidence in English and navigate local culture. At the same time, both native and nonnative speakers expand their cultural knowledge, make friends, and build a network of professional contacts. Partners meet on a weekly basis and have the option to attend social events throughout the semester. For more information and to fill out the application form, see

The ISACA CYBERSECURITY CLUB is a student organization focused on educating the student body about IT Audit, Governance, Risk Management, and Cybersecurity.

DELTA SIGMA PI is a professional business fraternity that hosts events, lectures and panels with the goal of further progressing the professional and social development of fraternity members and students on campus. We have deep connections with top firms in the financial services, accounting, and marketing industries and host stellar internship placement for competitive and revered positions. For more information please visit our website at or email us at

E-SPORTS ASSOCIATION is organized to unite all students in Baruch who are interested in gaming. Our club will serve as a place where gamers can meet other gamers to discover and promote mutual development in common interests of games, and to bring competitive levels of gaming to the community while retaining sportsmanship in a fun and competitive environment. We play games as a recreational activity and study the games we play as an art form. In addition to playing games on the surface, online multiplayer games have the potential to educate. Gaming can bring people together, be used as a medium to explore new strategies and knowledge, and much more.

The ECUADORIAN CLUB is committed to Baruch's Student body. Our mission is to be a leading Ethnic / Cultural organization dedicated to enhancing diversity and networking opportunities for ALL students. We aim to achieve our mission by providing awareness of the Ecuadorian culture, traditions, and customs in order to express our identity and find common ground among Baruch's rich ethic diversity.
For more information:;

ENCOUNTERS MAGAZINE, Baruch's first literary journal, has had a history with the College for over 10 years. The magazine, which is now published once a semester, is a journal of original poetry, short stories and essays submitted by Baruch students. Our aims is to let the Baruch community know about our existence and to let all the poets and writers of our college know that there is a place for them even in our business-oriented environment.

ENVIRONMENTAL COOPERATION ORGANIZATION brings together proactive individuals who have a concern for the environment in order to better themselves and the world they live in. We are active in the community and hold information sessions in order to educate and encourage individuals to exercise the socio-economic model of social responsibility. Each member will have the opportunity to learn about new environmental protection strategies and how to incorporate them into the 21st Century efforts to increase sustainability.

No club description available at this time.

The FINANCE & ECONOMICS SOCIETY (FES), is a professional development organization focused on providing students with the tools necessary to succeed in Careers within Financial Services. One of the oldest clubs in Baruch (we have been around since the 1930s), we are determined to educate our members and improve the college's standing among Bulge Bracket financial institutions. By providing numerous opportunities for networking, seminars on various topics, corporate presentations as well as case studies; FES gives students a significant advantage during corporate recruitment periods.

FUSION aims to unite in harmony all Baruch Filipinos and non-Filipino students. The club will function toward the representation of its members. Overall, FUSION is here to create a positive impact in our community and in our future endeavors.

In organizing G.L.A.S.S., we as a group and as individuals have many goals to aim for. Its primary purpose is to provide a voice and a safe place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, their friends and others to meet. Its very nature would be based upon those who attend, attesting to the diversity of this group. Tolerance, acceptance of others, and visibility is our educational goal. Visit our website for upcoming events. Email:

GOLDEN KEY INTERNATIONAL HONOUR SOCIETY is the largest international undergraduate academic honor society committed to recognizing and encouraging scholastic achievement. The Baruch College chapter was chartered in 1989 to recognize students in all disciplines of undergraduate study. The chapter is very active in community service programs and projects in addition to sponsoring a large array of career oriented workshops. Membership is granted once annually to students who have completed 60 credits, at least 29 at Baruch and have attained a GPA of 3.5 or higher. A lifetime membership fee of $95 must accompany the application. For information, contact Dr. Ron Aaron in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Room 2-255 in the Newman Vertical Campus, (646) 312-4577

No club description available at this time.

GRADUATE BETA ALPHA PSI is an honorary organization for Financial Information graduate students and professionals. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems; providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

The mission of the GRADUATE PRIDE SOCIETY is to promote the representation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex and Straight-allied graduate students in and around Baruch College and to raise awareness about issues affecting the community through professional development, civic engagement and advocacy programming. All students in the School of Public Affairs, Zicklin School of Business, and Weissman School of Arts and Sciences are welcome to be part of Grad Pride. For more information, contact or look us up on Facebook at

The GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY represents the graduate students at Baruch College. Please visit our website for more information.
Baruch email:

The HIGHER EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION CLUB of Baruch College promotes community building among students, alumni, and professionals in the field of higher education. The club meets and hosts events to provide opportunities for networking, educational and professional development.

HILLEL AT BARUCH is different from the "typical" Hillel at a residential campus where Hillel provides the basis for campus Jewish community. It provides programs and resource materials on issues and occasions of Jewish interest. It is an organization that appeals to the interest of any student, regardless of his/her degree of knowledge or commitment on Jewish topics. It welcomes respectful disagreement as much as agreement. Hillel will act as ombudsman for any student or faculty member faced with anti-Semitism or discrimination. Thus, as Hillel serves the Jewish needs of campuses throughout the world, Hillel answers the call for community at Baruch.

No club description available at this time.

The HINDU STUDENT ASSOCIATION at Baruch College is a community for Baruch students interested in all aspects of Hindu thought, worship, and spirituality. We hope to develop a forum of discussion for all who identify themselves under the umbrella of Hinduism, are curious about Hinduism, and question how Hinduism can apply in both their duties and actions. Through open discussions, service activities, celebration of Hindu festivals, and yoga/meditation classes we hope to bring the Baruch college community a taste of the Hinduism we continue to experience in New York City. In addition we are motivated to establish an interfaith dialogue between the religious and cultural clubs at Baruch College in an effort to address social justice issues. Through this interfaith dialogue, we hope to represent a peaceful, knowledge-seeking, and spiritual voice in the Baruch community.

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