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Reporting Resources

How to share information with Baruch regarding academic dishonesty:

Online Hotline:

If you wish to make a report online, anonymously or not, by answering a few questions listed on the form, please visit the link above. This form is available at all times. Reports are received electronically by Baruch College administrators, who will determine the appropriate follow up.

Hotline: 646-312-2020

If you wish to make a report over the phone, anonymously or not, by answering a few questions facilitated by a trained operator, please call 646-312-2020. This service is available 24/7 on 365 days of the year.  Reports will be shared with Baruch College administrators for follow up.

For Faculty Members:

Faculty Academic Integrity Report Form:

Faculty members should use the online integrity report form to notify the Dean of Students Office about specific, identifiable acts of academic dishonesty for follow up by the Academic Integrity Officer. A paper version of the form can be downloaded from this website as well, should you prefer to submit a written report through campus mail.