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Baruch College Survey Research (BCSR)

BCSR designs and conducts surveys for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, media, and academic partners. Founded as the ‘Baruch Poll’ in 1994, BCSR is a full-service research center and the only survey research entity in the CUNY system.¬† BCSR provides sampling, survey design, administration, weighting, analysis, and consultation for surveys on a wide range of public affairs topics. It utilizes the expertise of the School’s faculty, staff, graduate students, and highly trained interviewers.¬† BCSR specializes in careful, objective survey research on policy-relevant issues affecting New York City.


BCSR has the expertise and resources to conduct all phases of the survey research process. A full-service survey research facility houses a 24-station computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) lab operated by trained, experienced interviewers. All interviewers are certified in Human Subjects Research by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). They are thoroughly monitored by supervisors and staff for quality and compliance.

Services and Capabilities

The BCSR team adheres to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.

Surveys Performed

  • Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)
  • Online (Qualtrics)
  • Paper and pen
  • Focus group
  • Mixed-mode

Research Services and Capabilities

  • Survey and Design
  • Research and sampling design, guidance and execution
  • Assistance with program assessment and evaluation
  • Questionnaire writing
  • Large-scale and complex survey design
  • Survey pre-testing
  • Methodology consultation
  • Random Digit Dial landline and cell phone sampling and weighting
  • Foreign language interviewing and questionnaire translation
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Coding and data cleaning
  • Post-stratification weighting
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Geographic and demographic stratification
  • Report and publication writing
  • PowerPoint presentations

Consultations and Quotes

Project costs vary depending on factors such as scope of services, survey methodology, number of respondents and sample design. BCSR advises clients on the most productive and cost-effective methods for data collection and analysis. Initial consultations and quotes are complimentary.

Contact or call 646.660.6776 for information about services, reports, and survey cost estimates.


  • Micheline Blum, Distinguished Lecturer and Director
  • Martin Frankel, Professor of Statistics and Computer Information Systems, Zicklin School of Business and Sampling Statistician
  • Douglas Muzzio, Professor of Public Affairs and Chief Pollster

Advisory Board


  • Jacqueline Fortin, Research and Operations Manager
  • Nicole Lee
    Research Associate/Survey Lab Manager
  • Eugene Averkiou, Research Associate and Field Director, University of Florida Survey Research Center

Employment Opportunities

BCSR often seeks candidates for part-time telephone interviewer positions. If you are interested in applying to be a part-time telephone interviewer, please complete and submit the linked application. Baruch College students are encouraged to apply.


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