Americans revere their Constitution but are disturbed by growing signs of political dysfunction. We have placed in the White House candidates who have not won a majority of the popular vote. In this time of war, fears of an imperial presidency persist. Gridlock prevents reform in health care, immigration, and other vital areas. An economic crisis generates fears that the system may not be able to respond effectively. Can we solve the problems we face under the current Constitution or does the 21st Century call for a new Magna Carta? These questions will be debated by the following distinguished panelists:

Monday, May 4, 8:45 am - 3:30 pm           
The Constitution, Pro and Con
Daniel Lazare, Author of The Frozen Republic
Jeremy Rabkin, George Mason Law School

Race and the Constitution
Paul Finkelman, Albany Law School
Mark Graber, University of Maryland School of Law

Lunch Speaker 12:50 - 1:50
          Kenneth L. Marcus, Baruch College
          The 14th Amendment: Its Promise
          and Limitations


The Electoral College: End It or Mend It?
George C. Edwards, Texas A&M University
Larry J. Sabato, University of Virginia

Baruch College
William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus
55 Lexington Avenue (Corner of 24th Street)
14th Floor, Room 220, New York City


Tuesday, May 5, 8:45 am - 5:00 pm            
Does the Constitution Encourage Gridlock?
Sanford Levinson,
Author of
Our Undemocratic Constitution,
University of Texas Law School

R. Shep Melnick,
Boston College

Judicial Review and Democracy
Mark Tushnet, Harvard University
Stephen Macedo,
Princeton University

Lunch Speaker 12:50 - 1:50
Sonia R. Jarvis, Baruch College
The 14th Amendment: Its Promise
          and Limitations


An Imperial Presidency?
Richard Pious, Barnard College
Marc K. Landy, Boston College

Conclusions and Further Questions

Akhil Amar, Yale Law School


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