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The Hochman Project promotes a set of research-based strategies for writing instruction that target the precise skill deficits that hundreds of SAM teams surfaced as interfering with academic progress over eight years of SAM. 

These strategies collectively comprise an expository writing program developed by Judith C. Hochman and implemented most famously at the renowned Windward School in White Plains, New York.  As its role as a pillar of the academic program at Windward demonstrates, the Hochman method is more than a writing program.  It’s a set of strategies that when implemented as intended develop the foundational structures of complex thinking and expression that most students in American schools—all types of students and all types of schools—sorely lack. 

The strategies at the heart of this program are elegant and thus deceptively simple.  They include, for example, having students write sentences across content areas using the conjunctions but, because and so and their synonyms however, since and therefore.  The brilliance of the program, however, lies in what hundreds of SAM teams discovered through their evidence-based research:  these seemingly simple strategies target precisely those hinges of thinking that allow students to state complex relationships between ideas; that form the basis of more elaborated arguments; and that many of our nation’s students do not know.  Each selected strategy is high-leverage in that it develops and tests content knowledge, written expression, oral expression, and reading comprehension all at once! 

Educators in this country simply have not been taught how to diagnose and address these learning gaps.  At the Hochman Project we believe that the systemic failure to learn from research how to identify and teach these cruxes of thinking and expression perpetuates unnecessary school failure across our nation; and that these strategies hold the key for enabling all students to reach their academic potential.   

For more information about the Hochman Project, please click on the link below:

Judith Hochman's website

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