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Stay Informed, Engaged and Connected with SPA

Alumni are included as lifelong members of the Baruch global community.  

We offer a variety of networking opportunities, career events, online discussion groups, and advisement services to help this community stay connected to employers, faculty, and current students.

Join Alumni Groups and Connect with SPA graduates

Visit Baruch College’s Alumni Page to join a group, explore job opportunities, or network with other SPA graduates. Connect with us on LinkedIn or Facebook to join discussions, post updates, or search jobs and industry trends.

Build Your Career and Your Brand

We offer seminars, panel discussions, and walk-in support to help fine tune job search strategies, network, and make the most of your career. Learn more about our career events.

Enhance Your Career

Take advantage of our services to explore your options and receive expert career guidance. Email our Career Services Office or call (646) 660-6755 to make an appointment with a career advisor.

Explore Job Opportunities

The Baruch Starr Career Development Center lists a wealth of current job openings.

Visit the websites of the following organizations to search jobs or internships, or to receive valuable career development guidance:

  • STEMCompass lists science, technology, engineering, and math-related (STEM) job opportunities and internships.
  • The Five O’Clock Club, an authority on career management, offers free lifetime memberships.
  • Workforce1 provides career bulletins and a directory of recruiting events.

If you don’t have a STARRsearch account please call the Starr Career Development Center at (646) 312-4670 to obtain one.

Help Us Support Current Students and Fellow Alumni

We depend upon alumni support to help us achieve our mission, and continue to make an impact.

Learn more about giving back to Baruch  

News & Events

News & Events

Whether you're looking to attend a career fair, or want to learn more about the amazing accomplishments of our alumni, we can fill you in on all of SPA's exciting news and events.more

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Whether you're looking to join the SPA Alumni committee, fill a position in your organization, mentor
a current SPA graduate student, or give back to Baruch College, you'll find
all the information you need and the people to contact here.more

Update Alumni Profile

Getting Involved

Keep us in the loop. Update your alumni profile so you can stay in touch, learn about new jobs and network with other alumni.more

Career Services

Career Services

Continuing our commitment to preparing leaders, the Career Services Office provides individualized assistance and services
to begin your career.more

Baruch Alumni Directory

Baruch Alumni Directory

Looking for former classmates?  Searching for business contacts?  Browse the Alumni Directory for
all of your Baruch

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