Scholarships and Applications

There are three types of scholarships available: NextGen, AmeriCorps Education, and Academic Scholarship. Any American Humanics member can apply for these scholarships as long as they meet the criteria below and actively participate in the American Humanics Student Association at Baruch College.

Scholarship Type Requirements

1. 300-hour non-profit internship after scholarship approval
2. Junior or Senior actively seeking AH certification
3. Demonstrated leadership and civic engagement
4. Must write an internship report and give oral presentation
Only awarded once per lifetime, previous awardees are not eligible.
Visit AH NextGen for deadlines and additional information.

AmeriCorps Education
up to $4,750
1. Completed the NextGen Scholarship
2. Completed 450, 900, 1700-hour internship in volunteer management and/or at-risk youth
3. Become an AH AmeriCorps*ProCorps member
Visit AmeriCorps*ProCorps for deadlines and additional information.
Academic Award
$1000 for full-time
$500 for part-time
1. GPA 3.0 or higher
2. Active in Baruch American Humanics Student Association
Visit AH Academic Award for deadlines and additional information.

. NextGen

The AH Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders Program (NextGen) is a competitive internship scholarship/stipend program for American Humanics students.
NextGen is designed to help a racially and ethnically diverse group of students with demonstrated leadership potential complete their AH certification requirements, specifically the minimum 300-hour nonprofit internship. NextGen Leaders earn a scholarship of $4,500 from AH during their internship, along with access to and support from a network of nonprofit leaders who will serve as Career Coaches.

To date, AH has identified almost 400 students nationwide as NextGen Leaders, awarding more than $1.7 million in scholarships. Through 2012, American Humanics plans to select 1,000 NextGen Leaders who will successfully complete their AH certification requirements and graduate to professional positions in the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit organizations that host a NextGen Leader will gain access to, and benefit from, the services of talented and committed American Humanics students preparing to enter the workforce as nonprofit professionals. A goal of NextGen is to illustrate the positive effect of competitive internship stipends and scholarships on the recruitment and retention of skilled and diverse next generation nonprofit leaders.

What are the benefits to NextGen Leaders?

  • A financial scholarship/stipend of $4,500 to assist each NextGen Leader in completing the minimum 300-hour internship required for AH certification (in addition to any compensation or benefits offered by the internship site)
  • Access to mentoring and support from a network of nonprofit leaders
  • Identification and special recognition as a NextGen Leader
  • NextGen Leaders who complete a 450, 900, or 1700-hour internship in volunteer management and/or at-risk youth may also be eligible to become an AH AmeriCorps*ProCorps member and earn an AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $4,725

How many NextGen positions are available?

  • American Humanics will select approximately 200 NextGen Leaders annually
  • Through 2012, American Humanics plans to select a total of 1,000 NextGen Leaders

II. Academic Award

Students enrolled in the American Humanics program may apply for annual academic awards in the amount of $1,000 for full-time students and $500 for part-time students.

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