The American Humanics Certifications for non-profit management and leadership is earned through maintaining active civic engagement, managing your online portfolio, and fulfilling your knowledge and skill competencies.


You are eligible to be admitted into the American Humanics Certification program if you meet the following criteria: 

-- You are a current, matriculated Baruch undergraduate student

-- You have a cumulative gpa of 2.5 or higher.  (If you have less than a 2.5, we will evaluate your record on a case-by-case basis)

-- You have completed at least 45 credits

-- You have read and understood the “Certification-At-A-Glance” list below and realize that the certification process is at least a year-long commitment. 


The American Humanics Non-Profit Management Certification process is long-term and entails at least a year to a year-and-a-half commitment from all participants.  Students must complete the following list of requirements in order to gain certification in non-profit management from American Humanics:

  • A one-semester, 150-hour internship at a New York City-based non-profit agency.  This comes out to approximately 10-15 hours of internship work a week. (Note: NextGen winners must complete a 300-hour internship which typically takes two semesters and may be at two different placements).
  • PAF 5453 “Public Affairs Internship in Nonprofit Agencies,” a 3 credit, 3 hour Public Affairs course which should be taken in the same semester as the 150 hour internship. Click HERE for a list of participating internship sites.
  • Active participation in the American Humanics Student Association (AHSA).  Active participation means attending all student association meetings, joining a committee that will help in the development and organization of events (ie. fund-raising and other activities) and also attending at least one community service activity per semester.  Typically AHSA obligations warrant 1-4 hours a week from members, while those who become AHSA club officers should expect to put in 3-10 hours a week.  AHSA involvement allows students to apply theories and knowledge learned in class to the real world and helps students grow and gain leadership experience.
  • Completion of 17 categories of Professional Development Competencies.   Typically a combination of college courses taken for the Common Core, major, minor, elective credits, or volunteer work, AHSA club activities, and the non-profit internship itself or PAF 5453 are used to fulfill these certification competencies.
  • Attendance at the American Humanics Management Institute (AHMI).  This is a 3-day commitment that takes place at a different national location every January.  It is typically held during the beginning of January and is comprised of panels, case studies, workshops, and job/career networking--all having to do with the non-profit sector.  In the past few years the Management Institute has taken place in Washington DC, Indianopolis, and in Jan, 2010 it was in Phoenix.

If you meet all of the eligibility criteria above and know you can make at least a year-long commitment to fulfill the requirements, then please see the next step to enroll.

Make an Appointment to Interview with an American Humanics Advisor

There are two advisors at Baruch College for the American Humanics Program.  Jennifer Harrington, Undergraduate Coordinator in the School of Public Affairs, and Barbara Wells, Director of Student Services in the Weissman School of Arts and Science. Both Jennifer and Barbara can see Zicklin students or undeclared majors who are interested in American Humanics.  Please request an interview via email and include the following information:

  1. Your full name as it appears in Baruch’s records
  2. The LAST 4 digits of your social security number
  3. Your major (intended or official)
  4. Your minor (intended or unofficial
  5. Your primary email address (whether Baruch or another address)
  6. How you learned about American Humanics (ie. advertisement, word-of-mouth, AH event, literature, etc)

The interview will last about 15 minutes.  Again, please make sure that you have read the “See if you are eligible” and “Certification-at-a-Glance” above before the interview, and if you have any questions about them please write them down in advance for the interview. 

After you have had the interview and are deemed eligible to become a member, you can enroll in the American Humanis program and begin the process leading to certification.

1. To enroll you must register your profile on the American Humanics Member Management System
  • login onto the American Humanics website at
  • click on “Join American Humanics or Login”
  • click on “Student”
  • for campus directory, select NY (New York) and click "search"
  • look for Baruch College/CUNY and click “View”
  • click on “Register @ this Campus”
  • fill in the profile information and click "submit"

Be sure to update your profile on the American Humanics Member Management System every semester or whenever you (1) change your contact information, (2) fulfill a required competency, (3) gain new employment or volunteer activities, or (4) apply for American Humanics Awards.

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