The Scaffolded Apprenticeship Model (SAM Citywide)

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SAM Citywide is the only educational leadership program delivered directly by Baruch College. It prepares teachers and school administrators to improve school performance by focusing on the critical issues and challenges they face within their own schools. SAM Citywide is run as a two-year cohort model with two courses taken each fall and spring semesters. Currently, the program offers both an on-campus cohort, as well as an off-campus model where student are recruited from within a specific school. Professional facilitators work with participants to scaffold a sequence of research-based ideas that directly impact school work and eventually become internalized as behavioral habits. Success is measured by the participants' ability to improve measurable outcomes within their school. The program leads to SBL certification.

Traditional SDL Track
Baruch College offers coursework leading to the SDL that can be completed by continuing Baruch SBL students or individuals who have completed their SBL curriculum at another academic institution. Students complete the 15-credit curriculum at their own pace and with traditional courses that are selected from the areas of policy, research, and management.

For partnership programs, admission is made directly to the sponsoring organization. Admissions are made directly to the School of Public Affairs for the SAM program and the SDL track.

Questions about the SBL/SDL certification recommendations, SDL track, or MSEd course requirements should be directed to John Cutuli in the School’s Office of Academic Programs. Questions about the SAM program should be sent to Nell Scharff Panero, Director of the Center for Educational Leadership. Information sessions are held monthly on the Baruch College campus.