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Today, our society is grappling with unprecedented challenges in the face of increasing income disparity, declining government support for essential services such as affordable housing, food security, arts and culture, environmental protection, and support for the most vulnerable in our communities. Increasingly, the social economy and civil society are on the front lines in the attempt to address these issues, and in the lead in the promotion for community-based models for social and economic justice.  The University of Victoria’s Master of Arts in Community Development (MACD) program is designed to build and develop your capacity to become a successful leader in the civil society and social economy.

UVic offers Canada’s first Master of Arts in Community Development (MACD) that incorporates all four aspects of community development: community economic development, co-operatives, non-profits, and international community development. The program is taught primarily online with a two week, on-campus residency each of the three summer terms. Each cohort begins with their first term in May - August; subsequent terms are September-December, and January-April. The program is seven terms in duration and culminates with a Master's Project done in collaboration with an external client, which is worked on throughout the entire program.

UVic is able to receive students through the North American Mobility in Higher Education (NAMHE) program in any term, although the summer term (May-August) is preferred as it incorporates the on campus sessions in addition to the online courses. The summer term includes the MACD summer residency which will offer a good chance for networking as well as learning in a classroom setting enhanced by such highlights as guest speakers, site visits, and social events. Because the courses are offered online, it is not necessary for students to be in Victoria for the entire term, but they must be able to attend the residency in July.  Students must keep in mind that this is a full-time program (3.0 units) and students will be required to remain in high academic standing.

In addition to the courses, efforts will be made to ensure students have volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations in Victoria as available.


For detailed program information, schedules and other information click here, and for information about UVic's campus click here.

While we encourage students participating in this opportunity to take courses specific to Community Development, it is possible, in certain circumstances, to register for courses in other programs within the School of Public Administration. Permission from the Program Manager will be required in these exceptions.

Application Requirements

Student must apply a minimum of 3 months prior to the start of the receiving institute’s term and:

  • Meet the minimum admission requirements listed for the MACD program
  • Be a graduate student at one of the partner universities within the program
  • Submit a minimum score of 610/102 on a Test of English as a Foreign Language  (TOEFL) exam
  • Important information regarding graduate admission can be found on the Graduate Admissions and Records page.
  • Submit an application package to Wendy Swan, Program Manager for MACD.  This package is located in the “How to Apply” section in the left hand column and includes a letter of application addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, with a copy to the Director of the School of Public Administration, and a statement of interest showing how the exchange will relate to their program of study and career plans.
  • Please send this package to Wendy Swan, Program Manager, School of Public Administration who will forward to the Faculty of Graduate Studies on your behalf.
  • Contact Wendy Swan, to complete an “Authorization to Undertake Studies at Another Institution” which is required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Once accepted for exchange program, the student must agree to sign the North American Mobility and Higher Education Exchange Contract form supplied by Wendy Swan, Program Manager.
  • Please note there are limited number of placements available, therefore not everyone who applies is guaranteed admittance into the program.  Please complete your application as soon as possible


Regulations for the Exchange of Students as part of the North American Mobility in Higher Education Exchange Program:

Duration of the exchange.

The duration of the exchange is for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of one term. In some cases, an internship may be scheduled in the receiving country, depending on the possibilities that might exist at the receiving university and the requirements of the student’s program at their home university.

Tuition fees.

International students coming to UVic are required to pay regular tuition to their home institution.

Participating students have the same rights and privileges as other full-time online students attending the receiving institution, however they remain subject to the regulations of their home institution and must pay the fees normally required by the home institution.

Orientation and Arrival Assistance

Basic services will be provided mostly online to students before their departure.  Tips on preparing for your arrival to Canada, including what to bring, travel arrangements, settling in and much more can be found on the International Students webpage.  There will be no formal orientation upon arrival, however, if further assistance is required at any time, students may contact Wendy Swan, Program Manager, at

Once you arrive on campus, please arrange to meet with Wendy Swan, Program Manager, who will be able to assist you as necessary throughout your time in Victoria.


Graduate students who are applying for residence at UVic should use the following form: Graduate online application form.

Full time UVic students with children may be applicable for family housing, depending on availability. Visit Family Housing for more details.

From May to August visitors and groups are welcome to reserve rooms in either the dormitory or apartment style accommodations. Throughout the year, visitors to the University of Victoria can stay in Craigdarroch House.

No room left on campus? No problem! Click on the Off-Campus listings to find an apartment or suite to rent in Victoria.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the web site feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to assist you. Space in housing is limited and is not guaranteed – apply early to increase your chances of getting a room.

The housing application form will ask for your UVic student number – Please enter V00000002 on the application form to identify yourself as an exchange student.

Medical Insurance

Students must provide their home institution with a commitment to purchase health insurance coverage, as required by the receiving institution.  More information about B.C. health insurance for International Students can be found here.


Students must provide their home institution a commitment to personally see to it that they obtain the documents required by the receiving country.  From outside Canada, students can contact the visa office at the nearest Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate for assistance.  Refer to the Canadian Visa Offices webpage for a list of visa offices around the world and visit your visa office's website for specific local instructions.

Information for UVic Students Interested in Studying Abroad

For students interested in studying abroad through the North American Mobility in Higher Education (NAMHE) program, please visit the website of the university you are interested in attending to learn about application processes and other requirements.


Contact Information:

Wendy Swan
Program Manager
Master of Arts in Community Development (MACD)
School of Public Administration

University of Victoria
Room A320, HSD


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