Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla  (exchange application)

The Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), one of the best public universities of Mexico, is located in the City of Puebla, 100 km southeast of Mexico City. The origins of the University of Puebla trace back to 1578 - when the Jesuits initiated educational projects in Puebla - and 1587 when the Colegio del Espíritu Santo was founded. Today it's one of the most important higher education institutions in southern Mexico and its successes and transformations have placed BUAP among the most recognized of the country. The University offers high quality teaching and a wide range of courses and degree programs. It also carries out cutting edge research in a variety of academic fields.

One of the most relevant aspects, as well as being a high priority at this time, is the internationalization of academic life. Responsible for this process is the General Direction of International Relations and Academic Exchange (GDIRAE), which offers BUAP's academic community and its visitors a package of policies and actions that promotes a better use of the possibilities available for higher education.

The City of Puebla was founded by the Spaniards in 1531 and transformed quickly in one of the most important cities of New Spain. Although Puebla is a modern city, its historical center remains a historical jewel for its architecture, urbanization and European influenced art of the 17th, 18th and 19th century. The city has one of the best preserved historical centers of the country, declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1987. Puebla counts with a temperate climate for the greater part of the year (an average temperature between 20°C and 30°C). The city is characterized by charming and well educated people, and a delicious regional kitchen making Puebla a perfect place to study.

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Application Information

Please note that our terms run as follows:

Primavera (Spring term): January through May.

Cursos de Verano (Summer Courses): The last week of May through the third week of July. (Optional, not all classes are available)

Otoño (Fall term): August through December.


Application Deadlines

For Summer term, March 15
For Fall term, May 30
For Spring term, October 15


Required Documentation

• Application
• Brief curriculum vitae / resume in Spanish.
• Kardex/qualifications registration obtained in the home university (with Spanish translation, if it is necessary).
• Evidence of Spanish language command (B1) as minimum for students who do not come from Latin- American or Spain.
• Letter addressed to Mba. Rafael Hernandez Oropeza, Director of DGRIIA and other for the Director of the academic unit where you request admission mention why you wish to study in BUAP (written in Spanish).
• Two letters of academic recommendation in Spanish or written in the language of the home university with Spanish translation.

The application can be found on our website, and then by clicking on “Alumnos
Foráneos” and then “Requisitos"


Academic information
Programs and courses offered for exchange students: All of the programs are offered for exchange students; however, The faculties of Medicine, Psychology and
Philosophy have limited seating.

Courses information and click on the link “Oferta Académica”

The minimum courses load mandatory for exchange students is 4 courses or 15 hours of courses per week each semester.

For information about subjects content, students can find subjects content by asking the coordinator of the corresponding area. For contact information of various BUAP staff, click here.


Housing Options

BUAP does not have bedrooms or student houses; however, we support exchange
students to find suitable accommodation, facilitating a list of apartments/houses/
and rooms in rent that are located near to the university. Two popular options are listed below, but for more information, contact Wendy Corte.

Sur 14. 14 Sur 6120. Colonia San Manuel.
Tel. 264-04-29 Ext. 26.
Person in charge: Ana Luisa Acevedo.

Suites Puebla. 18 Sur 5718. Colonia San Manuel.
Tel. 245-00-80
Person in charge: Alberto Alejandro Moreno Arellano

Estimated costs per month
The cost of a shared apartment is about $2,500 pesos per month. Food cost is approximately of $2,000 pesos per month. Public transportation costs are approximately $500 pesos per month.


Medical Insurance

Prior to arrival, international students must have an international medical insurance that must have the following characteristics:

Repatriation of rests (funeral expenses).
Hospitalization covering at least $100,000 (US).
Medical evacuation.
Legal assistance
Transportation for a relative in case of hospitalization.

Mexican students must be affiliated to IMSS, ISSSTE or have major medical insurance.



Mtra. Ana Luisa Rojas Marín.
Coordinadora de Movilidad Internacional y Desarrollo de Nuevos Proyectos.
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Relaciones Internacionales e Intercambio Académico.
4 Sur 104 - Edificio Carolino. Planta Alta.
Puebla, Puebla. Centro. C.P. 72000
Tel. (222) 2 29 55 00 Ext. 3084
Fax. 2 29 56 32 & 2 29 56 33 /



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