Public Management

Public organizations are discovering new ways of working, new ways to manage employees and assets. The growth of the nonprofit sector, public-private partnerships, and revolutions in information technology are booming.

The Specialization in Public Management prepares students for careers in this dynamic environment, focusing particularly on issues relating to human and capital resources, the changing venues of public management, and sound practices of institutional representation.

Our School is the only public school of Public Affairs in New York City. What better place is there to prepare for a career or advancement in the public service sector?

Additional Information

Students who wish to concentrate their MPA studies in Public Management must complete four graduate courses (12 credits), of which there are two required and two elective courses. Electives are to be selected from the list below. Students must also complete an additional two courses (6 credits) of their choice. These are considered free electives and may be chosen from this or any other of our specializations. These electives have been chosen with an eye to the diverse interests students bring to public management and the different directions in which they may choose to take their careers.

Required Courses Credits
PAF 9117 - Public Personnel and Human Resource Management 3
PAF 9160 - Public and NonProfit Management II 3

Elective Courses Credits
PAF 9010 - Ethics and Public Decision Making 3
PAF 9109 - Government Contracting 3
PAF 9111 - American Public Law and the Administrative State 3
PAF 9115 - Intergovernmental Relations 3
PAF 9118 - Labor Relations in the Public Sector 3
PAF 9138 - Urban Services Delivery 3
PAF 9139 - Communication Strategy 3
PAF 9156 - Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery 3
PAF 9159 - Privatization and Market-Based Government 3
PAF 9163 - Leadership and Strategy 3
PAF 9171 - Human Services Administration 3
PAF 9181 - Comparative Public Administration 3
PAF 9299 - Selected Topic in Nonprofit Management 3

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