Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA prepares students for managerial and analytical positions in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Students learn to:

  • Lead and manage in public governance.
  • Participate in and contribute to the policy process.
  • Analyze, synthesize, think critically, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Articulate and apply a public service perspective.
  • Communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry.

MPA graduates pursue careers as elected officeholders, commissioners, managers, policy advocates, and analysts at the international, national, state, and local levels.  The MPA degree is also a foundation for pursuing doctoral studies.

Baruch’s MPA is ranked by U.S. News and World Report among the Top 50 Public Affairs Programs in the nation.  It is accredited by NASPAA, the Network of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

The degree is delivered in three formats: the traditional MPA, the Executive MPA, and the National Urban Fellows-MPA.  For each format, students complete 24 core credits and 18 elective credits for a total of 42 credits. Traditional MPA students without at least one year of administrative work experience must complete an additional 3 credit internship.

The School also offers a joint MS in Nursing Administration-MPA degree in cooperation with Hunter College's Bellevue School of Nursing. It is a 57-credit program with courses completed at Baruch College and Hunter College.

Traditional MPA students attend day and evening classes on the Baruch College campus in the 14-week fall and spring semesters, the January four week intersession, and in two five week summer sessions from June through August.  Several courses are also offered online. 

The Executive MPA offers experienced administrators the opportunity to graduate in two-years by taking Saturday classes only.  The National Urban Fellows-MPA involves a 14-month intensive program of study.

Traditional students have the option to complete 12 credits of electives in one of five specializations: health care policy, nonprofit management, policy analysis and evaluation, public management, and urban development and sustainability. 

Core Curriculum (3 credits each; all 24 credits are required)

  • PAF 9100 Introduction to Public Affairs   
  • PAF 9103 Communication in Public Settings
  • PAF 9120 Public and Nonprofit Management I
  • PAF 9130 Economic Analysis and Public Policy
  • PAF 9140 Budgeting and Financial Analysis I
  • PAF 9170 Research and Analysis I
  • PAF 9172 Research and Analysis II (prerequisite: PAF 9170)
  • PAF 9190 Capstone Seminar (prerequisites: PAF 9100, PAF 9103, PAF 9120, PAF 9130, PAF 9140, PAF 9170, PAF 9172)

Internship (3 credits; required for those without at least one year of administrative experience)

  • PAF 9195 Internship in Public Affairs (instructor permission required before registration)

Elective Courses (all courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified)

  • PAF 9104 Media, Politics, and Public Culture
  • PAF 9109 Government Contracting
  • PAF 9110 Ethics and Public Decision-Making
  • PAF 9111 American Public Law and the Administrative State
  • PAF 9115 Intergovernmental Relations
  • PAF 9117 Public Personnel and Human Resource Management                       
  • PAF 9118 Labor Relations in the Public Sector
  • PAF 9119 Organization Theory    
  • PAF 9125 Human Resources Policy
  • PAF 9126 Human Services Administration
  • PAF 9132 Governing New York City                                       
  • PAF 9133 Economics of the Public Sector and Public Finance (prerequisite: PAF 9130)
  • PAF 9136 Urban Economic Development
  • PAF 9137 Telecommunications Policy
  • PAF 9138 Urban Services Delivery
  • PAF 9139 Communication Strategy (prerequisite: PAF 9103)
  • PAF 9141 Community Development: History, Present, and Future
  • PAF 9142 Housing Policy
  • PAF 9143 Greening and Growing Cities: Sustainability and Public Policy Choices
  • PAF 9144 Budget and Financial Analysis II (prerequisite: PAF 9140)
  • PAF 9145 Social Welfare Policy
  • PAF 9150 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
  • PAF 9151 Administration of the Nonprofit Sector and Voluntary Agencies
  • PAF 9152 Fund Raising and Grants Administration in Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations
  • PAF 9153 Budgeting and Finance for Nonprofits
  • PAF 9156 Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery
  • PAF 9157 Introduction to Philanthropy (prerequisite: PAF 9120 or PAF 9150 or PAF 9151)
  • PAF 9158 Religion, Nonprofits, Politics, and Policy
  • PAF 9159 Privatization and Market-Based Government
  • PAF 9160 Public and Nonprofit Management II (prerequisite: PAF 9120 or 9302 or 9310)
  • PAF 9161 Business and Public Policy
  • PAF 9163 Leadership and Strategy in Public Affairs
  • PAF 9173 Program Auditing and Performance Measurement
  • PAF 9174 Program Evaluation (prerequisites:  PAF 9170 and PAF 9172)
  • PAF 9177 Advanced Analytical Methods (prerequisites: PAF 9170 and PAF 9172)
  • PAF 9176 Public Policy and the Culture of Science
  • PAF 9180 Policy Analysis
  • PAF 9181 Comparative Public Administration
  • PAF 9182 Development Administration
  • PAF 9183 International Nonprofit Organizations
  • PAF 9184 International Institutions and Global Governance
  • PAF 9185 Environmental Policy
  • PAF 9186 Map Making for Public Policy (prerequisite: PAF 9170)  
  • PAF 9191 Mentorship in Public Affairs (open only to NUF students)
  • PAF 9192 Public Affairs Fellowship (6 credits for MPA in DC program only)
  • PAF 9198 Public Affairs Workshop (1 credit)
  • PAF 9199 Selected Topics in Public Affairs
  • PAF 9299 Selected Topics in Nonprofit Management
  • PAF 9318 Educational Policy
  • PAF 9699 Selected Topics in Public Policy
  • PAF 9710 Health and Health Care
  • PAF 9715 Health Care Policy (prerequisite: PAF 9710)
  • PAF 9720 Population Based Health Planning (prerequisite: PAF 9710)
  • PAF 9725 Health Program, Policy and Performance Evaluation (prerequisite: PAF 9710)
  • PAF 9730 Comparative Health Systems (prerequisite: PAF 9710)
  • PAF 9735 Health Politics and Policymaking (prerequisite: PAF 9710)
  • PAF 9760 Managerial Economics
  • PAF 9766 Health Care Costs and Financing (prerequisite: PAF 9710)
  • PAF 9799 Selected Topics in Health Policy
  • PAF 9999 Independent Study in Public Affairs
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