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We at the Baruch Executive Presentation Institute want you to excel and conclude our program with confidence. For graduates who want more instruction, we offer a selection of one-day topic specific workshops and one-on-one coaching arrangements.

One-on-One Coaching

Graduates of the Baruch Executive Presentation Institute may want further coaching and instruction to continue on their paths to excellence or to prepare for a particular speaking engagement, presentation or speech. We are available to discuss your needs for specialized one-on-one coaching.

Speaking on Television

When you speak on television, individual habits are accentuated. This session is focused on ensuring that those habits help you become more effective and personable. Participants will learn how to craft on-the-spot sound bites, think quickly and remain calm, personable, and persuasive.

Dealing with Hostile Audiences

Not every audience wants to hear your message, and some can be downright hostile. This session helps speakers know how to deal with hostile audiences and how to get at least part of the audience on your side without escalating conflict.

Inspirational Speeches

Ceremonial oratories are those intended to teach, inspire or celebrate. Eulogies, commencement addresses, and motivational speeches require a particular kind of preparation and speaking; this session focuses on their formulation, planning and delivery.

Sales Presentations

The key to a good sales presentation lies not in the slides (though they are important) but in telling a story that resonates with the potential client. This session covers the methodology of doing research on the client, developing the story, and delivering the message with conviction.

Designing Slides

Audiences decide on the professionalism of slides within seconds. This session covers the design principles of effective presentations and how to take those principles and apply them effectively. We will break down how to present complex slides and how to make any slide go from good to great.

Online Presentations

More and more presentations are conducted online where the speaker can not be seen and audiences are distracted by email. This session shows the specialized preparation necessary for online presentations and how to deliver them so that audiences don’t want to do something else while listening.


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